September Product Update: What’s New in Your Zenoti Software

September Product Update: What’s New in Your Zenoti Software The September ’19 product update includes improvements in the Appointment Book, Online booking, Zenoti Mobile and more. 

Appointment Book 

View No-Shows and Canceled Appointments with a Single Click

At times, if your business charges a no-show or a cancellation fee, guests may ask why they were charged this amount. Or, guests may come in for appointments that they have, in fact, canceled, and ask why their appointment is not showing up. To answer such queries, the front desk staff must quickly check if an appointment was a no-show or was canceled.   Earlier, to view no-shows and cancellations, front desk staff had to open the context menu, select  Today’s Sales and identify the relevant appointments in the Status column.  Now, we’ve made it faster to access no-show and canceled appointments. A new option will allow you to toggle to a new view that shows no-show and canceled appointments. This view also comes in handy to give quick clarifications to guests and also makes it easier for the front desk to follow-up and reschedule appointments.  Read the Help article

Guests Can Add Appointments to Their Google Calendar 

Guests rely on personal calendars such as Google Calendar to track their appointments.  With this release,  you will be able to include the macros [GoogleCalenderLink], [GCalStartTime], and [GCalEndTime] in the Appointment Confirmation,  Appointment Reminder, and Appointment Rescheduled emails.   Guests can, with two clicks, add the appointment to their Google calendar on their devices (iOS and Android). This feature will help reduce no shows and late cancellations. Note: For appointments that get rescheduled, guests must click the Google Calendar link in the Appointment Reschedule email to update their calendar with the latest time – rescheduled time does not get automatically updated to the Google Calendar.  This feature is also implemented in Webstore V2. Read the Help article

An Improved UI on the Register Closure Screen*

*This feature is coming soon We’ve redesigned the Register Closure screen for better usability.   All the data remains the same, but will be organized for easier viewing,  data input and to tally the amounts for each payment type.  To this end, each payment type will have separate sections for expected amounts, actual amounts, and adjustments.

Zenoti Calculates Your Total Cash Collections for Faster End of Day Reconciliation*

*This feature applies only to the US region for now.   With this upgrade, we’ve eased your end of day cash reconciliation process. You will need to enter only the number of bills by denomination and Zenoti calculates the total amount for you.  For example, if you’ve received  $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, and $1 bills through the day, Zenoti will total the cash collection for you. Note: Zenoti also calculates the number of cents in your till.  Read the Help article

Zenoti Payments

Compliance with SCA Regulations (Europe only)

From September 14th, 2019 onwards, businesses based in Europe will be required to have two-factor authentication for all online payments in order to comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Transactions processed through the  Web POS, Mobile POS, Webstore, and the Customer Mobile App on Zenoti Payments (powered by Stripe) will comply with the new regulation. 

Online Booking 

Quickly Book Appointments on the Webstore

Our data, not surprisingly, shows that guests most often book the same services as their previous visit.  With this release, your guests will see their last three distinct appointments which can include one or more services on the homepage of your Webstore. The guest can then quickly book any of these appointments.  The provider and the add-on (if any) will be selected automatically, based on the earlier appointment. This makes online booking incredibly effortless and fast for your guests.  Note: This feature does not require any configuration updates. Read the Help article

Zenoti Mobile

Conduct Stock Counts using Zenoti Mobile

With this release, managers can use Zenoti Mobile to conduct inventory audits.  The mobile app can be used on an iPhone or iPad.  Read the Help article

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