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Only on Zenoti: Centralized microtargeting that converts

With microtargeting, you can personalize marketing campaigns by segmenting data, and get the right message to the right demographic. Here’s how.

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Salon and spa owners are often reactive in their marketing efforts, only deploying campaigns when business is slow. Yet, a sound marketing strategy for any size business includes regular communication that’s most likely to inspire more visits, higher ticket sizes, or more retail purchases. Without that approach, you could be missing out on revenue opportunities.  

What if you could automate marketing, with tailor-made strategies and messages based on data you already have? Spas and salons use Zenoti Smart Marketing to do just that – and generate incremental revenue.

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In marketing, there’s a fine line between standing out and putting off your audience. When it comes to really capturing your guests’ attention, Zenoti does what others can’t.

Zenoti’s centralized Smart Marketing capabilities help you craft campaigns that actually convert all things to segment. Targeted segments speak to your guests in ways that are most relevant to their behavior.

The key to Zenoti’s segmenting superpower? Data. Armed with detailed data on the number of visits across your brand, provider preferences, reviews, and so much more, Zenoti knows things – even data from digital forms like age, weight goals, skin and hair, or things like when a guest has stopped going to one location and started going to another.

Zenoti also knows how many slots you need to fill and sends only the right amount of messages to fill them. With all campaigns centralized, it’s just one click and – boom – it goes live across your entire organization. Plus, track performance across locations and see what’s converting where.

There are plenty of ways to get your marketing message out there. But Zenoti does what others can’t.

What results can you expect from Zenoti Smart Marketing?

We’ve seen salons and spas use Zenoti Smart Marketing to recover lost guests and drive revenue post-COVID, with some winning results.

5th & Wellness, a Boca Raton-based medical wellness center, offered patients personalized incentives through email and SMS campaigns. The result: more repeat visits and additional revenue.

“We’ve recovered 84 patients, generated thousands in revenue, and have seen a boost in bookings, thanks to campaigns that offer personalized discounts to patients. We love Smart Marketing as it improves visit frequency while we focus on running our business.”

– Karissa Dickerson, Chief Operations Officer, 5th & Wellness

Trifecta, a New York-based medspa, targeted customers based on purchase history. The result: 260 guests recovered, with a 30% revenue boost from personalized promotions and package upsell.

“Smart Marketing has been a real game-changer for Trifecta. Due to the implications of COVID-19 and the related shutdowns, it was imperative we get customers back into the salon and generate revenue as fast as possible. With Zenoti, it was quick and easy to implement, and most importantly, successful. Most software can’t handle one targeted marketing campaign, let alone 12!”

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