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Zenoti Spa Salon Software January Upgrade

Appointment Book

Book Services For Couples

Earlier to book a couples massage (or any other service), you needed to book two separate appointments and assign both to the same room. Now, your front desk can easily book services for couples directly from the Booking Wizard; they do this by specifying two providers and the host guest (for clarity in billing). The couple takes the services together in the same room at the same time. Guests can book couples' services online via the webstore. To enable this feature, your administrator must define a service as a couples’ service, this can be done from Service settings at the organization level. Read The Help Article

Set Block Out Time For Rooms

If you have a room that is under maintenance or being used for training, you can mark the room as unavailable using a specific Block Out time that makes it unavailable for appointments. Front desk can have the ability to adjust the duration of the block out time as well as override the block out to accommodate guests. Read The Help Article

Improvements to Group Invoices and Group Bookings

Visual Enhancements

It is now easier to navigate between groups bills and their individual invoices.

  • Earlier, if you accessed an individual invoice that was part of a group bill, an icon indicted it was part of a group and allowed easy access to the group bill. The icon has been replaced with a more prominent, informational message.
  • Group bills list each individual invoice separately. These line items now include the date and time when the group bill was created. The invoice numbers are now links for easier access to view the individual invoices if needed.


A New ‘Failed’ Status for Recurring Memberships

A new ‘Failed’ status has been added for recurring memberships. If a membership is sold for a future date and the guest fails to honor the payment, the status of the membership will change to ‘Failed’. The ‘Failed’ Status has been added to the Membership Status Report, which allows you to monitor all failed payments and for easier follow-up.

A New ‘Failed’ Status for Recurring Memberships

Read The Help Article

Payment Method for Recurring Memberships

To prevent front desk from selling recurring memberships without selecting a payment type for future collections, the payment type is now a mandatory field.

Loyalty Program

Tiered Loyalty Point Upgrade Setting

If you are using a tiered loyalty program, you have the option on how guests are automatically moved up tiers. Previously, your two options were based on:

  • spend since their loyalty tier enrollment date
  • spend during the Qualification Period

You now have an additional option, which is to trigger an upgrade based on the guest's loyalty program anniversary date, which is 1 year from the date they joined the loyalty program. For example, assume that:

  • The option “Use loyalty program anniversary date” is selected.
  • The Qualification Period is 12 months.
  • Your guest, Steph, qualifies to enter a loyalty tier on July 1, 2017 (she was added to the loyalty tier because she met the minimum spend requirement within the defined qualification period). July 1st becomes Steph's anniversary date.

In order for Steph to move up a tier, she will need to meet the minimum spend requirement for that new tier. If Steph makes a purchase on Jan 15, 2018, Zenoti checks the total spend back to Jul 1, 2017 (her anniversary date). This is opposed to calculating total spend from the beginning of the qualification period (which would be the last 12 months). If Steph makes a purchase again on Aug 10, 2018, Zenoti checks the spend amount back through July 1, 2018, and upgrades Steph only if her total spend meets the minimum spend amount for the next tier. Read The Help Article

Sales and Opportunities

Book An Appointment From The Sales Opportunities Page

When your team makes follow-up calls to guests, whether for a consultation follow-up or even a waitlisted guest, from the Sales Opportunity page, they can now book appointments directly from that page rather than navigating to the Appointment Book. Note that this feature is available only if you have enabled the Booking Wizard feature.

Book An Appointment From The Sales Opportunities Page

Customized Dispositions, Stages, And Sources

When your sales or marketing team makes calls to prospective customers, it's now easier for them to capture details including the response from the prospect, if the opportunity was won, and the source of the lead. These details help managers gain insights about the quality of leads, follow-ups and the overall performance of opportunity management. To help you capture these details, you can now create customized dispositions, stages, and sources for a sales opportunity.

  • Disposition -Capture the outcome of a call (e.g. Call tomorrow, Wants to visit, Interested in 20% off first visit offer)
  • Stages – Capture the status of the opportunity (e.g. Active, Lead, Lost, On Hold, Prospect, Won)
  • Source – Capture how a new 'opportunity' (or guest) heard about your business (e.g. Billboard, Facebook, Neighborhood Mailer)

Read The Help Article

Zenoti Analytics

Common Themes Across Dashboards

Do more with Analytics Express and Analytics Plus. Customize Analytics Express: Use the icons on the top panel of your dashboard (see the screenshot for reference) to:

  • Create new custom views of dashboards
  • Set up email alerts when a dashboard reaches a particular threshold limit
  • Download dashboards in formats including text, PDF, and Excel (Crosstab)
  • Subscribe to dashboards on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Share dashboards with co-workers
  • View the dashboards in full screen

Work Effectively With Filters: Use filters on the right pane of your dashboards to:

  • Specify a date range for the data
  • Compare performance of centers and zones
  • View data by gender, spend category, and item type
  • Assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and memberships

New Dashboards

Analytics Express and Plus have been enhanced with the following dashboards:

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Retention Analysis
  • Services Analysis


New Return Order Form

You no longer need to use Purchase Order to return products to your vendor. With this release, you can use the new Return Order form to return products to your vendor. For businesses in India, if you return products to a center that is acting as a vendor, the return order is automatically updated with the Credit Note sequence number.

New Return Order Form

Read The Help Article If you need help activating any enhancements, contact support.

Whats New in the january 2018 Upgrade

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