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The August upgrade is scheduled for the night of August 8th. We're very excited to launch a new and improved Analytics solution and mobile app for your employees. These are applications we've been working on for months, and the end result is amazing. Read on for details on this month's upgrade.


Keep your referral source list tidy for accurate referral analysis

It’s hard to understand how you can better attract new customers if you don’t know where your existing customers are coming from. That’s why Zenoti allows you to capture referral sources at the time a new guest profile is created. You can now restrict referral sources to specific centers. For example, if you have some locations that promote a “Snowbird Special”, you can now have this referral source show only to those specific locations. This new enhancement helps each center keep their referral source list tidy, which encourages your front desk staff to select the correct referral source. You can then accurately assess which referral sources are most effective in bringing in new business. Learn More

New Enhancements- August 2017

Respond to disputes for payments made through Zenoti Payments

When a guest (cardholder) disputes a credit card transaction, the disputed amount and a dispute fee are automatically deducted from your account as per industry standards. With this upgrade, you can respond to these disputes directly through Zenoti, by submitting evidence to the cardholder’s bank. For example, you can provide proof that a service or a product was provided using a consent form signed by a customer or provide shipment details for a product. Providing such evidence helps you prove that the transaction was legitimate and thereby improves your chances of winning the dispute. If you win the dispute, the disputed amount and the fee is refunded to you. The Dispute Handling report enables you to track the status of all your disputes and actions that you may need to take from your end. Learn More

Manage Cross Center Redemptions

One of the advantages of using Zenoti is that your guests are able to purchase a membership, package or gift card at one location, and redeem the benefits at another location. This is referred to, in Zenoti, as cross center redemptions. Typically, the corporate office calculates and compensates each center for any such cross center redemptions using reports provided by Zenoti. You can now choose to turn off cross center redemptions. This means that guests can redeem any earned benefits only in the location they made the purchase. You may choose to do this if, for example:

  • Taxation laws make it difficult to report cross center redemptions
  • Your centers use tiered pricing, which restricts benefits of a membership that were purchased at a lower price to be redeemed at a center that sells the same membership at a higher price

In this release a new organization level setting allows you to specify if you want to allow cross center redemptions for memberships, packages, prepaid cards, and gift cards.

Note: We currently do not support disabling cross center redemptions for loyalty points. Learn More


Configure services to exempt tips

You may offer some services that do not require a service provider. For example, a sauna, steam room, or whirlpool tub are self-administered by a guest - at best, such services require an attendant to help the guest. Usually, on the Appointment Book, you assign such services to dummy employees. In the past, if guests left tips for such services, you needed to manually ensure that the tip was not assigned to the dummy employee. Now, for services that don’t earn tips, you can enable the setting, Don’t collect tip on this service, at the organization level (Admin > Resources > Services). By doing this, when a guest leaves a tip against any invoice, Zenoti allocates the tip amounts only to the relevant services.

Note: If you want Zenoti to automatically split tips, ensure that the center level setting, Allow split tips is selected. Learn More

New Enhancements- August 2017


Enhancements to series and custom packages

We’ve made multiple enhancements in how you create and manage packages.

Indicate the services from which initial revenue must be recognized

While setting up a custom package template, if a package includes multiple services, you can indicate the services for which initial revenue must be recognized. You may also indicate services from which you do not want to recognize any revenue – these are complimentary services.

Indicate mandatory services

While setting up a custom package template, you can specify services that are Mandatory Services. Note that when the front desk creates custom packages based on these custom package templates, they cannot delete the mandatory services.

Associate forms

You can now associate forms such as Medical History Forms, Consents, and Terms and Conditions to custom package templates.

Note: This applies to all other types of packages too (day, promo, and series packages).

Add discounts for services that are not part of the custom package template

You can now offer discounts on services that are not part of the custom package template to encourage sale of these services. For example, you may have newly launched a Feet Massage service. You can now include this service and offer a 20% discount on it to gauge customer feedback and reactions. Note that you may include multiple discounts – ones that already exist or you may create new discounts.

View products that belong to the template

If the front desk uses templates while creating custom packages, they can view the products included in the template and change the quantity as required. The front desk can also add products that are not included in the template.

Improved user interface for creating custom packages

The front desk can now create custom packages more easily with a new interface that guides them, step-by-step in creating custom packages based on guest requirements. Learn More


Award extra loyalty points on a guest’s birthday or anniversary

You can now choose to award more loyalty points to guests for the amount they spend on special occasions such as their birthdays or anniversaries. Consider this example, prior to this release, a guest earned 10 loyalty points on a spend of $100, regardless of the day of the year. Now, when guests spend the same amount ($100) on their birthdays or wedding anniversaries, you can award higher number of points such as double or triple the points. In this example, if you configure that the guest should earn two times the loyalty points, a guest stands to earn 20 loyalty points for the same amount spent ($100) on their birthday or anniversary. Learn More

New Enhancements- August 2017

Enroll guests to the highest tier of your loyalty program

If you’ve implemented a tiered loyalty program, you could enroll a guest (manually or automatically) into the loyalty program based only on the amount spent over a time period. The tier the guest was added to was determined by the amount spent. With this release, employees with appropriate permissions can enroll guests to the highest tier manually. You may want to allow for this for special guests like celebrities, journalists, high spenders or owners. You can also set up the loyalty program so that a guest that has been ‘directly’ enrolled into a high tier is not downgraded to a lower tier at the end of the validity period. The Enrollment report will help you track guests who have been enrolled directly into tier along with the staff who enrolled them. Learn More

Define different values for guests to enter and stay in a loyalty tier

Zenoti now allows for greater flexibility in the way guests get enrolled and maintained in tiers. In a tiered loyalty program, based on the amount spent by a guest over a specified period, the guest is either enrolled into the loyalty program or upgraded/downgraded from the current tier. Earlier, you could only specify a minimum spend amount for a tier. This amount was used to determine if the guest should be enrolled into the tier, continue in the tier, or downgraded from the tier. You can now define two different minimum spend amounts for enrollment and for continuing to maintain their status in a tier without being downgraded. For example, you can configure a loyalty point tier so that guests need to spend $1000 to enroll to a tier but only $200 to stay in that tier. Learn More

If you need help activating any enhancements, contact support.

Whats New in the August 2017 Upgrade

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