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New Alert - Member has not accepted T&C

This alert is emailed to the recipients you specify if a new member has not accepted your Terms & Conditions. The email will list out all new members, from the last 7 days.To see a complete list of members that have not accepted the terms and conditions (if they became a member more than 7 days prior), you can access the Marketing> Memberships report and select “T&C Not Accepted” from the drop-down list.

Freeze A Series Package

You can now freeze a series package for a customer. This new feature is helpful if a customer is out of town for an extended period of time. For example, if a series package is valid for 3 months, but your customer is on vacation for 1 month during that period, freeze the package for that one month. The validity will automatically adjust.To use this feature, you will need to:1) Go to Admin> Manage Organization >Settings> Packages and select the “Enable package freeze” checkbox.2) Update any existing series packages or create a new series package from Admin > Packages. Find the “Freeze Count” field and select if you will allow a limited or unlimited number of times a package can be frozen.3) If a customer requests you to freeze a package, access their guest profile, click on Packages, select the appropriate package and click on the freeze/unfreeze button.

Numeric Custom Data Field Type

You can now create custom data fields using a numeric data field type. When creating a custom field, select “number” as the field type and specify a minimum and maximum value.

Grouping Of Custom Data Fields

You can now group custom data fields so that they show together. This helps you structure pages that use multiple custom fields.You can define a group or add custom fields to a group from the custom field profile page. For example, to add an existing guest custom field to a group, go to Admin >Guests (in the Custom Fields category). In the Group Name field, start typing the name of the group and select it from the list that displays. If you enter a name for a group that does not already exist, the system will create that group. In the next field, “Group Display Order”, enter the order for this group to display.On the right side column, you will see all groups that have been created for guest custom fields. You can drag and drop rows to re-order the groups.Each guest profile will now display custom fields according to any groups and group order definition.

Custom data group screenshot
Grouping Of Custom Data Fields

New Custom List - Employees

You can now create a custom list that dynamically pulls employee names based on their job. Custom lists are used by custom fields. For example, if you have a custom field that capture’s the guest’s Aesthetician, you would first create a custom list that pulls all aestheticians, and then use this list when creating that custom field.

Service Recovery Time

Optionally include a service recovery time for each service. This enables the appointment book to include prep time within the appointment block. For example, if a scrub service takes 50 minutes and you specify 10 minutes recovery time, the appointment book will block 60 minutes. Your service menu will show the service as 50 minutes.To use this feature, edit each service profile and enter the appropriate times in the “Service Time” and “Recovery Time” fields.

View Center Revenue In Dashboard And Daily Report

You now have the option of having your center admin dashboard and daily report display either the “Service Revenue” or “Total Revenue”. The latter includes revenue from services and product sales.To switch to Total Revenue, ensure you’re in the Organization view and go to Admin >Organization > Settings > General. Select the Total Revenue option.


Create Marketing Campaigns At Center Level

Your center Marketing Manager can now create a marketing campaign at the center level, rather than just from the Organization view. This helps franchisee centers and any individual centers run a promotion just for their own center.


Limit Early Or Late Bookings When Booking Online

Limit how early or late a customer can book an appointment using the webstore. For example, if your center hours are 9am–8pm, you can restrict customers from booking appointments between 9am – 11am.To set this up, from the org view go to select Admin > Manage Centers > and pick a particular center. Under the “hours” section, edit the “Booking Start” and “Booking End” time.


Employee Mobile App

We’ve launched an improved Mobile App for Employees. Employees can view their own schedules and access their guest histories. Employees can also track their commissions and monitor their performance against goals.Call your sales rep or contact us if you’d like to learn more about the employee manager app.


The collection report (from the center view) at Admin > Collection now breaks up tax groups by its components and credit card transactions by card type.

  • Appointment Book – Today’s Summary shows sales, collections and day closure details for day’s transactions.
  • Room Utilization Report shows utilization percentage and service time for a room
  • Employee sales with commission percentage list invoices with commission percentage details
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