Kicking off 2020: Zenotians Gather to Celebrate “Feel Good. Find Great.”

Last week, many Zenotians from around the world had the privilege of gathering together to celebrate the launching of Zenoti's new brand and mission of "Feel Good. Find Great."

Two members of the team wanted to share their reflections on a fun week of meeting up with their colleagues and the excitement they have for the year ahead!

Meet Danica Buccheri Bloomberg, Regional Sales Manager in Zenoti's Europe office.

Danica (right) and Neena, product specialist at Zenoti, in Hyderabad to see the new brand unveiling.

For someone that works remotely, meeting in-person with the Zenoti team is always a highlight for me. It’s an opportunity to network with people I work with every day, and connect others whose names fill my inbox.

When all of us got together last week to talk about Zenoti’s plans for 2020, it was thrilling to see the growth Zenoti is going through with the addition of so many new faces and presentations from our talented leadership team.

One of my favorite parts was seeing how the marketing team is working hard to understand how we can even better help our customers in 2020, especially with our new motto encouraging them to “Feel Good. Find Great.”

How fortunate are we to work in an environment where greatness is not just recognized but also celebrated every day! 

I left feeling good and excited to continue to find greatness!

Meet Vanessa Bodley, Technical Account Manager in Zenoti’s Seattle office.

I had the amazing opportunity to join the entire team, from every country in which Zenoti has offices, in Hyderabad, India to experience the launching of our new brand!

Having spent 20 years working in salons, “Feel Good. Find Great.” really resonates deeply with me.  Personally, that’s my daily goal – finding greater joy in small joys as I work my way towards greatness!

Vanessa (front row, second from left) and the support team in Hyderabad.

Having the honor to share the office in Hyderabad is an experience I won’t soon forget. I found it especially memorable to bring the Support team together in one office. Working shoulder to shoulder with my global teammates offered deeper insight into workflows and shared challenges. 

After talking to other Zenotians, I know it gave every team new insight into the differences and similarities in our shared approach to achieving our common goal – providing exceptional support for our customers.

All in all, from both a professional and personal perspective, this was an amazing way to encourage our team to grow, to be open, and to enjoy diversity.  

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