July upgrade is live!

Appointment Book & POS

  • Track Tips Through the System Enable the setting at the org level to allow tip amounts to be entered in the POS. End of day closing honors tips separately.
  • Printed Package Balance for Customer Visibility You can now print the balance for series packages directly on the customer receipt. This enables customers to see what services remain in their package.
  • Package Expiry Alert When a receptionist books an appointment and if that customer has a package about to expire, an alert will automatically show. This enables the receptionist to inform the customer about the pending expiry, but also is useful to push a renewal on the package. This alert works similarly to the membership expiry alert.
  • Add Services from the POS You’ll now find an “Add Service” icon on the POS’ Take Payment screen. This enables you to quickly add services during billing.
  • Appointment Block Tooltip Shows ‘Booked By’ Receptionist Hover over an appointment block to display the tooltip. You’ll now see the name of the receptionist that created the appointment.
  • Hide Tax Line on Receipt For our customers in countries and regions that do not require tax, you can now hide the tax info on your receipt. This setting is available in Admin dashboard > Organization > Settings tab.


  • Revenue and Sales Performance Reports The admin dashboard has been updated with reports that show you center level performance on service revenue, overall sales, product sales, membership sales, package sales, and gift card sales. Reports show actual performance to date, expected performance to date, projected monthly performance, and your center’s monthly target for overall sales and .A separate report allows you to review a break-down of overall sales over time to effectively monitor trends.
  • Rebooking and Retail Product Sales by Employee Two critical sales metrics, Rebookings and Retail Product sales, now display on the admin dashboard. Use these reports to track performance by employee.
  • Stronger Passwords for Security We’ve incorporated password strength checks into the system. Your password strength will now show wherever a password is used.


  • Detailed Revenue and Sales Targets You can now define service revenue and sales targets for product, memberships, packages, and gift cards at the job level as well as center level performance goals. Performance reports will now show these job level goals next for each employee.
  • Employee Performance Index You’ll see a new report that shows a single performance index for each employee. This report displays in both the Employee dashboard and as a performance report. This performance index is calculated based on a ‘weight’ defined for each performance goal, which allows you to determine what’s most important and compare employee performance across a single, unbiased metric.


  • Track Retail and Consumable Expenses Separately The Inventory dashboard has been updated to display separate projected vs actual expenses for retail and consumable products.
  • Track Partial Delivery on Purchase and Transfer Orders You can now more easily handle partial delivery on Purchase orders and transfer orders by  moving delivered quantities into the store (i.e. backbar) and allow for updates on remaining items.
  • Updated Reports The expenditure report, the report ‘expense by month’ has been updated to reflect ‘expense by audit’. You can also filter data by retail or consumable products.
  • Automatically Check Out Consumables from Store Currently, inventory reports can show negative floor quantities for a product. This typically occurs when product runs out on the floor, and an employee moves a product from stores to floor without entering a product check-out in the system. While the report may show overall product levels accurately, your reports won’t accurately show where your products are, i.e. stores or floor.You can now allow for automatic check-outs of consumable products. When a customer pays for their service, and if any product used shows as ‘0’ on the floor, the system will automatically log a check-out from the stores to the floor. In this scenario, we assume that an employee moved the product from stores to floor, without performing a check-out.While we recommend that you enforce check-outs for more accountability, busy salons and spas may want to use this automated feature for quicker service.

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