Go Digital With Your Services Menu


  You’ve probably already moved from a paper-based appointment book to a digital one. Now, you can move your services menu to a digital format and gain a number of benefits. A digital menu is very similar to your existing, paper-based menus – you can group services by category, use pictures to promote services, include a description, service duration and price. And, use variations on pricing or service offering based on your center location.



A digital menu actually helps you save cost and drive revenue through a variety of ways, things like:

Increase up-sell revenue while customers are in your salon.

The menu showcases raving reviews specific to each service. Simply hand a mobile device to your customer and your reviews will encourage guests to try new services.

Make changes quickly.

Easily and quickly add services, remove services or even test market price for an existing service. This means you can revise your pricing to figure out which revision helps you maximize your returns without turning off your customers. Not only you can do test marketing confidently to observe changes in customer spending patterns but achieve optimal pricing for your offering without incurring any additional cost to your business.

All your menus, always in sync.

Make a change and your services menu in your store, on your website and in your mobile apps will immediately reflect the change.

Encourage your guests to promote your business.

Social media buttons help get the word out on your brand and services.


Announce special offers.

Push deals meant exclusively for your on-location customers with a goal to increase memberships, package sales, or retail sales. Think cross-sell or up-sell, both of which increase your average ticket size.

Go paperless.

Not only are you helping save the environment, but you also save on printing costs. To learn more about taking your service menu digital, speak to one of our consultants.


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