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Americans are increasing their spend on Mother’s Day gifts, with 75% saying they were planning to spend the same or more in 2021 than they did the previous year. The beauty and wellness industry is perfectly poised to take a slice of that revenue in 2022: A moment of ‘me-time’ or some well-deserved pampering for mom are popular gifts that can easily translate into a trip to their favorite salon, spa, or medspa.  

To help make Mother’s Day a revenue-boosting success, we’re looking at ways you can utilize gift cards, events, memberships, offers, and retail sales. Just as important, we’ll also recommend ways to promote your efforts to maximize sales leading up to Mother’s Day.  

A great example of Mother’s Day marketing comes from luxury fashion house Kate Spade. They sent out a colorful marketing email with suggested gifts for various budgets. Two reasons why this tactic works:

  1. It provides off-the-shelf gift ideas to customers looking for inspiration.
  1. It covers every budget, helping customers quickly find options relevant to them.
Mother's day gift ideas from a webstore

When planning your Mother’s Day campaigns, consider that ‘mom’ might look a little different for everyone. Gift-giving goes beyond just middle-aged women so don’t limit your promotions.

Stats showing to whom people are buying mother's day gifts

No matter who your customers buy a gift for, here are five Mother’s Day marketing ideas you can set in motion today:

1. Let Moms Choose Their Favorite Service with a Gift Card

Plenty of gift-givers know their mom would love a salon or spa service, but aren’t 100 percent certain of the specifics (most of us fall into this category). For them, gift cards are a great idea.  

Gift cards perform especially well for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, but can also be a steady revenue stream year-round. To drive sales for Mother’s Day, promote gift cards heavily across all your usual marketing channels, including social media, emails, SMS, and in your locations.  

You can also tie your efforts into acquiring new guests by pairing your Mother’s Day gift cards with a ‘buy one, get one free’ type of offer. For example, a guest buying a $50 gift card will also receive a $10 gift card for free. This can encourage the gift card recipient to bring someone with them. The buyer of the gift card may even tag along to enjoy the experience.  

2. Turn Mother’s Day Into an Event

Make Mother's Day special by planning an event at your locations on or around the day. Promote the in-person event across all your channels as a celebration not to be missed.  

Your event can include:

  • Bubbly or cocktails
  • Flowers and decorations
  • Edible treats (they should taste delicious and look great on Instagram)
  • Limited-time offers on pampering treatments for the day
  • Goody bags with product samples, gifts, and vouchers for future services (think first-time guests and rebookings)

To give your event even greater reach, team up with other local retailers: Order decorations from a local florist, treats from a neighborhood café or restaurant, or goody bag gifts from a nearby boutique. The participating retailer may be willing to supply your event in exchange for free publicity at your event. They may even help promote the big day via their own marketing channels, or with leaflets in their store. You’ll reach potential new guests, and make friends and connections in the local business community.

Make Mother’s Day meaningful for your guests and profitable for you.
Download our checklist:

Your Mother's Day 2022 checklist

3. Give the Gift of Memberships

Offer guests the opportunity to treat mom on Mother's Day and beyond. A membership at mom’s favorite beauty or wellness spot continues to remind her of a wonderful gift with each visit, and secures repeat revenue for your business. Short-term offers such as a three-month membership make a great budget-friendly introduction to your services.

Are you offering memberships yet?  

Zenoti customers saw up to 55% increase in membership sales last year and now enjoy the benefits of increased guest loyalty and recurring revenue.

As more guests favor long-standing relationships over single transactions (think Fabletics, HelloFresh, Amazon Prime), the membership trend has become a part of the consumer experience. Here are a few membership ideas:

  • Discounts for off-peak visits
  • Regular, complementary retail products or add-ons
  • A weekly event, such as ‘Friday Facials’ or ‘Blow-dry Saturdays’

4. Create a Family Experience with Mother and Daughter/Son Offers

Many will be looking for ‘something to do together’ on Mother's Day – you can make sure that 'something' is visiting your business. A beauty or wellness treatment can offer mom and daughter (or mom and son) a lovely bonding experience, or serve as a great start to a night out for dinner or cocktails.  

Promote offers that encourage the gift-givers and their mothers to visit together. If one of them hasn’t visited your business before, you’ll have an immediate opportunity to show off your services to a new guest.  

Promote limited-time Mother’s Day offers such as:

  • Both guests receive 20 percent off their total invoice when visiting together
  • Both receive a complementary treatment with selected services
  • Mother’s Day packages that combine services and add-ons for a pampering experience or pre-dinner makeover

5. Offer Easy Grab-and-go Retail Bundles

A single retail product off the shelf might not seem like a special gift – but it can be. Bundle that product with a few luxury items and add attractive packaging, and you’ve made it easy for guests to pick a gift in your retail section. Create two or three different bundles to fit varying budgets and, as with your other ideas, promote them across emails, social media, and in your locations.

Did you know? Some skincare brands have seen a 400% increase in online sales in the 30 days leading up to Mother’s Day.

Make any of your special retail gifts a no-brainer for time-strapped shoppers with these tips:  

  • Tie a pretty ribbon around them, place them in a basket, or gift-wrap them
  • Place them in a clearly visible spot near your front desk
  • Make them available on your webstore; add a ‘shop now’ button when you promote them on social media.

See how the right technology can boost your revenue this Mother’s Day – and every day. Contact us to get a free demo of Zenoti today.


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