Feature Updates in Zenoti – August 2012

Appointment book:

Use Different Service Prices Based on the Room of Service

Charge a premium price for services delivered in certain rooms. Enter a scaling factor for each service in a particular room and the price on the billing screen will adjust automatically.


Share feedback on Facebook and Twitter

Guests can now give you permission to share their feedback on Facebook and Twitter. Once you have permission you can choose to share this on Facebook and Twitter. Also you can choose to share this in the customer application so other customers see the feedback in the context of the service.


Search by Product Name

You can now search inventory reports by a product name to make audits easier and accurate. Notice this change in the following reports: Inventory Value, Product Consumption, Product Returns, Inventory Alerts and Tax Reports.


Creating Opportunities

The guest name associated with an opportunity is shown as a link for quick access to that guest's profile. The expected close date is no longer a mandatory field and when a new guest is created for an opportunity; data is not required to be filled in for all fields except first name, last name and mobile number.


Additions to Target Segments

We've added a new target segment to capture guests based on their last visit spend. Also, when exporting data for a target segment to Excel, many additional fields are now available for export.

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