Boosting Employee Morale in the Busy Holiday Season

Boosting Employee Morale in the Busy Holiday Season

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it’s time to roll right into the chaos of the holiday hustle! Not only is the holiday season a time of giving and receiving, it’s the season to be grateful.

How do you show your service providers, front desk staff, and other support team members that you appreciate them? Could you successfully survive the holidays without them? What better time of year to sincerely show and tell them why you’re thankful they’re on your team!

Don’t just throw a party – anyone can do that, so let’s step up your employee appreciation game (but OMG of course throw a party)! Start by making time for meaningful interactions with each employee. If you have a large number of team members, enlist the help of your management team and volunteers. A favorite way to say, “I appreciate your hard work,” is for management to offer hand massages to the service providers!

Use your google-fu to learn how to give the best hand massage and dedicate an area for employee wellness. To further the relaxation opportunities, schedule weekly meditation or restorative yoga classes for your team, after hours, once or twice a week.

As for the supporting team, the team that keeps your center running, why not provide a breakfast buffet every couple of days from now until NYE – especially on days you know the appointment book is bursting at the seams! (This could also a good day to buy them lunch- yum!) Buy them coffee – go beyond the gift card and learn their drinks. Above all, put yourself in their shoes and thank them from a place of empathy.

The holidays are so hectic! Which makes them the perfect time to thank your team in a way that feels like they’re not just being managed, but that they are truly being cared for. When you love your people, everybody wins.

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