A Message From Director Of Customer Support, Brian Gordon


What’s New with Zenoti Support?

We’ve had a busy season, with a laser focus on helping you, our customers, achieve success with the Zenoti platform. Here are a few things we’ve been working on:

Your feedback helps us improve

Last April, we launched the ability for you to rate every conversation you have with us through our Support Messenger (the blue bubble in the lower right corner of your Zenoti account). Since then, we’ve received over 6,000 ratings to date; with 90% of these conversations rated as Good or Great. (A great start for us, but our goal is 95%!) For conversations that were rated unfavorably, we’ve benefitted from the feedback that customers have provided. We use this feedback to identify and address team education needs as well as problem areas within our processes. A big THANK YOU for all of those who took the time to rate conversations and provide constructive feedback.

A new help platform

Our Education team has recently updated over 1,000 support articles. If you haven’t tried help.zenoti.com lately, please take a look! This site functions like a traditional, searchable knowledge base; and is also fully integrated with our Support Messenger. This means that our Messenger “learns” from each customer conversation, and will soon be able to recommend support articles to you. That translates to faster response times for you. Every support article also allows you to share feedback, so if your question wasn’t answered or need more clarity, share your feedback and we’ll take action.

Free, regularly scheduled training sessions

Whether your staff needs multiple training sessions or your new hires require training, you now have multiple options for virtual, instructor-led training sessions. We offer three unique classes – Front Desk Training, Manager Training and Administrator Training. Visit the Z Market to browse class availability and register for a class.

Get more from Zenoti

We’re seeing many clients expand their use of Zenoti by adopting features like marketing campaigns, digital forms, online gift card sales, and the mobile app for employees. If you’d like to request a training class on a specific topic, or want to speak one-on-one about a specific capability, contact customersuccess@zenoti.com. We’ll be happy to get back to you

Did you know, Zenoti Support:

  • Operates 24x7x365 from multiple offices around the globe
  • Handled over 13,000 conversations in Q2 of 2017, with a median response time of 6 minutes
  • Is busiest on Wednesdays, with 17% of new conversations initiated
  • Is the least busy on Sundays, with less than 9% of new conversations initiated

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