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We think there are hundreds of reasons that our medi-spa clients love us. But, we’ve limited ourselves to listing the top 10 …

Reason #1: Go Digital with Your Intake and Consultation Forms

Whether it’s an intake form, a consultation form or a consent agreement, you can create your own forms for a patient and each of your services.

When a new patient books an appointment, email them the intake form, or let them fill it out with a tablet when they come in.

Go paperless with your intake and consultation forms.
Go paperless with your intake and consultation forms.

Your service providers can fill out consultation forms directly into a tablet – making the process mobile and the forms easily accessible for future use.

And, store patient consent digitally.

Store customer consent digitally.

Store customer consent digitally.

Reason #2: Restrict Access to Customer’s Forms

While the patient’s treatment data is easily accessible, it is also secure. Built-in security mechanisms restrict access to a customer’s forms to their assigned doctors or service providers only.

You can choose what information is viewable and edit-able by the patient as well.

Reason #3: Better Follow-Ups on Enquiries

Medi-spas often have enquiries come in through their website or the phone, as well as consultations that never turn into paying customers.

Zenoti helps you manage and automate follow-ups to these potential customers with an opportunity management system. For example, for every consultation that does not turn into a customer signing up for a package, you can assign a date and an employee to follow-up and check back in with the customer.

You can also set up an automated email campaign that sends, on a regular basis, targeted messages for that customer’s concerns. You set up the campaign once, and the system takes care of the rest for you. (See how Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic increased new clients by 20% using Zenoti’s opportunity management capabilities.)

The opportunity management system helps you identify how well each employee and centers perform at converting enquiries into paying customers.

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Reason #4: Patients Can Access Their Account Online or Via Mobile Apps

Your patients can book appointments, see their appointment history, view treatment details, check membership and loyalty points, view balances on packages, and more directly from your website or from their own mobile app.

The patient can access their account from your website.

The patient can access their account from your website.

Your doctors also have mobile access to treatment information using the Employee App.  They can view the appointment, update information, enter new notes, and even capture signatures if needed.

Reason #5: Complete Management of Series Packages

Sell series packages that offer multiple treatment sessions that can be used over a period of time. You can also bundle retail products into the package.

The system manages all aspects of building the package (even if they are custom built for each customer), redemptions, payments and expiration. Bookings and checkouts are fast, your front desk never over-rewards customers with extra sessions and your customers are always in sync with their package balance.

Reason #6: Interactive Online Store and Customer Reviews

Medi-spa treatments are often very complex, and customers will research these treatments before deciding where and what to get.

With Zenoti, you can easily incorporate videos into your website that demonstrate how treatments work, highlight benefits, and give patients an idea of what to expect when they visit your center.

The system also makes it easy to publish customer reviews for a particular treatment directly into your online service menu.

Customer reviews, videos and social media integrate easily with your online store.
Customer reviews, videos and social media integrate easily with your online store.

Customers will see these reviews when browsing your website, as well as in your waiting room, where they can browse a detailed treatment menu with videos, photos, descriptions and customer reviews from iPads or other tablets.

Reason #7: Create and Send Prescriptions to Your Patients

Create prescriptions and home care instructions with detailed instructions on dosage and frequency. These can be printed or sent to patients via email.

You can choose to enforce a sign-off from your doctor, who can also lock a prescription from further edits.

Reason #8: Highly Targeted Marketing Capabilities

If you’re aiming to increase new visitor return rate, get customers back in on time for their next visit, or increase the average ticket size, you have the right tools with Zenoti. Set up rules once and automate highly targeted and personalized messages to all your customers.

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Your customers receive the right message (based on their visit history, service history, spend patterns and more) at the right time via email or text messages.

Send appointment reminders with a simple text message.

Send appointment reminders with a simple text message.

You can also set up follow up text messages or emails with post-treatment instructions and reminders about prescription refills.

Reason #9: Set Target Goals For Each Patient

Some medi-spas need to track the patient’s progress with each treatment. With Zenoti, you can set up customer goals and targets. For example, a patient who comes in for a slimming treatment will have a weight loss or BMI reduction target. The system allows you to set up targets and track progress with each session.

Customize target goals and track progress based on individual patient’s needs.

Customize target goals and track progress based on individual patient’s needs.

Along with setting goals, you can upload photos (e.g. Before and After photos) to track the patient’s progress.

Reason #10: Create Packages Customized For Your Patients

When a patient has a unique circumstance, you can easily create a custom package tailored to their needs. For example, a patient might have a weight loss goal and require cellulite toning.

Create a custom package that includes the right number of slimming treatments for their weight loss goal and a series of toning wraps for cellulite reduction.

When this customer makes an appointment, your staff can quickly look up her history, number of treatments that remain in the package and book against treatments remaining in her package.

You can also makes updates to the package as required.

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