Bookings and appointment
management made easy!

Streamline front desk operations and wow your customers with intelligent, omnichannel solutions.

Optimized appointment bookings

Give your brand a glow up with booking technology that delivers a best-in-class customer experience, automates operations, and drives business growth.

Create a seamless brand experience

Our booking platform delivers easy, convenient options for your guests, so they enjoy the same consistent branded experience, however they choose to book.

Boost productivity and profitability

Minimize front desk training and manual errors while speeding up appointment bookings! The Booking Wizard automates the booking process and suggests optimal time slots, based on parameters such as preferred provider, time of day, and service type.

Maximize staff utilization

Input your business parameters and relax knowing our intuitive solution is factoring in employee availability and utilization priorities, to avoid unusable gaps and ensure a fully optimized schedule.

Streamlined appointment management

Empower employees and deliver a high-quality customer journey with a fully integrated solution.

An optimized appointment book

Zenoti automatically eliminates duplicate services to ensure appointment book accuracy and accounts for service duration to automatically book services in the right order (e.g., cut, color, blowout).

An empowered staff

Employees can manage all aspects of their appointments from their mobile device, including adding upgrades or retail products to invoices, taking payments, and booking future appointments, to elevate the experience and nurture long-term relationships at the chair.

An unparalleled customer experience

Guests can access their appointment details and profile information online and in the app. They also receive reminder messages to reduce no-shows and targeted promotions to fill available appointment slots via text message and in-app notifications.

Did you know?

You can reduce no-show
appointments by
with centralization
and automation
Up to 91% of guests use self-service booking to make appointments 12 days in advance, driving predictable revenue.

Make busy days a breeze with an automated booking and appointment management system

Couple & group bookings

From a couple’s retreat to a large group booking, Zenoti handles it all with ease.

Automated texts & emails

Eliminate no-shows and late cancellations with appointment confirmation notifications.

Call center

Set up and run an efficient call center with a cloud-based infrastructure and CRM

Easy rebookings

Guests and staff can quickly rebook single or multiple services in just 2 clicks.

Integrated system

Access everything you need in one place, including provider details, guest information, room availability, and much more.

Go paperless

Complete all paperwork ahead of appointments with Zenoti Digital Forms.

Upsell alerts

Receive recommendations for add-ons and retail products for guests during booking and appointments.

Mobile solutions

Give guests and staff all booking and appointment information at their fingertips through our fully branded consumer and employee apps.

Booking intelligence

Provide customers with appointment recommendations at nearby centers with automatic detection when the schedule is full.
For us, the most helpful is the appointment book… It is made so intuitive that the front office can operate it really easy. Our operation begins every day with a list of confirmed appointments we get from Zenoti. And with that, in the morning briefing, our staff will prepare all the rooms, all the equipment and the inventory necessary to perform each service.
Adryan Yohan, CEO
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Drive business success with a modern appointment booking solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Zenoti help me manage my bookings and appointments?

Zenoti’s appointment management system while primarily designed to accept booking and schedule appointments is essentially designed to help you perform much more than just booking. No sooner than the client arrives at the facility, the system allows you to check in the guest, offer additional services (based on clients’ preferences), fill out intake forms, etc. It essentially streamlines your front desk to ensure that the process is quick, error-free, and seamless. As the system can easily run on a mobile, tablet, or computer, it empowers your front desk staff to elevate the customer experience and nurture a lasting relationship with the client.

How can an appointment management solution help deliver a good customer experience?

An appointment management solution is designed with the aim to provide a superior customer experience throughout the entire journey. From the very onset of the process i.e. enabling your business to respond to the client 24x7x365 to ensure that they can make the payment as per their preferred mode of payment – an appointment management solution is equipped to provide a seamless experience and help your business stand out.  There exists perhaps a no better way to communicate to your client that their time is important and that your business values the time they spend on making a booking. Zenoti’s appointment management solution allows customers to book an appointment in exactly four clicks.

How will an appointment management solution help my staff work efficiently?

Time and again businesses have noticed how operational inefficiencies affect the business and affect staff productivity. An appointment management system works by automating the process of accepting bookings, scheduling appointments, coordinating staff client availability, seeking prior confirmation, sending out reminders, and check-in in the client as soon as he or she arrives to enhance the productivity of your staff. With an appointment management system to rely upon, your staff will no longer have to juggle between the multiple cogs of the process and instead will be able to guide the customer as soon as he or she walks in and provide a seamless service experience.

Can Zenoti's appointment management tool help reduce no-shows?

Zenoti appointment management tool is built to ensure that your business, can reduce no-show bookings. With its state-of-the-art and intuitive communication system, the appointment management tool works behind the scenes to ensure that your staff and your client both do not have to be disappointed. As soon as a booking is confirmed, the tool maps it on the calendar and sends a confirmation to both the client and the staff. Before the day of the appointment, a reminder email or text (based on the preferred mode of communication) is sent to the stakeholders. In order to ensure that no-show bookings do not happen, the software sends an automated email seeking clients to confirm their upcoming appointments.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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