Zenoti is pleased to announce a new partnership with Gene Juarez Salons & Spas. Gene Juarez offers awarding-winning salon and spa services across 10 locations in Western Washington. Gene Juarez made the decision to move from Salon Biz to Zenoti as their cloud management system to elevate their guest experiences with seamless technology. Given post-COVID realities, Zenoti now also assists Gene Juarez in meeting new customer expectations.

With Zenoti’s platform, Gene Juarez now offers customers the ability to interact with their brand through their trusted personal mobile devices. Gene Juarez’s new branded mobile app – powered by Zenoti – allows customers to check-in just by walking through their doors using geo-fencing technology. This means customers do not have to wait in line or interact with front-desk staff to check-in.

Through Gene Juarez’s new employee-facing mobile app, service providers will receive an immediate notification that their customers arrived on their personal mobile device. This new process eliminates reliance on frequently touched shared devices among employees. Immediate alerts sent to service providers also reduces customers wait time in lounges, helping maintain social distancing measures.

Similarly, Gene Juarez now allows service providers to update customer invoices via their mobile devices during service. Invoices can be modified for chair-side upgrades, including service upgrades or product add-ons. This ability reduces reliance on front-desk staff, helping to minimize unnecessary contact between staff members.

Using the Gene Juarez mobile app, customers pay their invoice, tip service providers, rate their experiences, and rebook appointments from personal mobile devices. There is no need for customers to wait in check-out lines, interact with front-desk staff, or touch POS equipment. Once again, Gene Juarez allows customers to conveniently social distance and reduce contact with frequently touched surfaces.

With Zenoti, Gene Juarez provides customers and employees with advanced solutions to ease post-COVID anxieties and concerns while also elevating guest experiences with unprecedented convenience. Scott Missad, CEO of Gene Juarez Salon and Spa, stated:

“As a salon and spa brand striving to be best in class, we are completely focused on reopening in a profound way. The most critical part of this is ensuring the health and safety standards are paramount for our team and guests alike. Our intention is for our guests to understand that no stone is unturned relative to their safety in our spaces. Equally important is our utilization of touchless technology that offers our guests a safe, comfortable and convenient experience from check-in to check-out.”

For more information concerning Zenoti’s partnership with Gene Juarez, please contact press@zenoti.com.                                    

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