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When booking a service, guests want to look and feel beautiful, and that starts well before they step into the salon chair. The look and feel of a salon space create an instant first impression. A beautifully designed space gives guests confidence that their service will be well thought out too.  

As such, salon interior design is a crucial deciding factor for guests making a booking decision. For some, the highest priority may be hygiene or comfort while others want to feel welcomed into a stylish or relaxing space. In 2022, top salons will feature interiors that tap into all the senses and provide a clear visual representation of their brand. Here are six tips to help you do just that.

1. Choose a Clean, Minimalistic Layout

One of the top salon interior design tips for 2022 is to opt for minimalistic layouts and looks. While hygiene has always been of vital importance in the salon and spa industry, this concern has been heightened due to Covid.

When a space is visually clean with less unnecessary touchpoints, guests feel confident their service will be hygienic too.

More salon owners and stylists are choosing open layouts for the versatility they offer, and top designers expect to see clean, homey, neutral spaces with unexpected focal points. The focus is moving from aesthetics to self-care and wellbeing, which will be reflected in salon interior design in 2022 and beyond.


Design Tip:

According to Elvin Tan of ElvinTan Design, conventional salon designs are being replaced with a memorable touch of unexpected fun. In his view, a pristine white base palette is the preferred choice for salon interiors in 2022. Wendy Bergman of Bergman and Co senses an appetite for more natural colors and textures in salon designs.

Create the Illusion of space:

  • An open layout supports both free-standing and double-sided styling stations and provides space for moving mobile stations across the floor.  
  • A high ceiling is also a wonderful way to give an expansive look to your salon.  
  • If you have a narrow layout, line the perimeter of the salon with styling stations to make your salon appear more spacious.    

In 2022, salons will feature clean, simple looks with neutral colors like white, ivory, or eggshell. A cool, serene palette is the go-to. Christopher Maroun, who owns the Montreal-based Salon Christopher’s, has pulled off this look beautifully. His minimalistic design sensibilities are evident in his timeless salon aesthetic pictured below.

He says, “I wanted to create a space where clients can feel at home and let their stress go. We have such a fun energy in the salon.” In Salon Christopher’s, guests feel this lively energy by taking in their surroundings and watching the magic happen all around them. Having such open surroundings helps guests truly feel a part of the space, increasing their comfort and enjoyment.


Another trend is to add hints of opulence to a modern space. Mix contrasting textures such as wood, velvet, marble, porcelain, steel, or leather in décor elements, fixtures, furniture, and flooring. To complete the look, add beautiful, plush chairs for your guests to sink into.

2. Add Mood Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in how guests experience your salon. Lighting does wonders to highlight the dimensions and subtleties of hair color and makeup. By contrast, poor lighting takes away from the excitement of the “big reveal,” and a potential “wow!” moment. It's also worth considering that hair and makeup that looks great in a dimly lit salon could look very different when the guest steps outside.

If your layout permits, allow as much natural light to enter your space as possible. Not only will it make your salon appear larger, but it will help your guests look and feel their best.


Use artificial lighting to enhance focal areas and allow ample light for stylists to work under. For instance, you could install two-panel beauty lights at each station to boost guests’ confidence and help them snap that perfect selfie of their “after” look. Many people are sensitive to fluorescent and bright lights, so keep that in mind when choosing your lighting.

3. Elevate Your Reception Area

In 2022, well-styled salons will infuse fun, creativity, and home-like warmth into their interiors. Casual, comforting lounge areas are quickly becoming a favorite. A lounge area – unlike a typical reception with a tall, daunting front desk – is warmer and more welcoming.

With the right technology and a welcoming front area, your entire guest experience will feel as easy as sinking into a comfy chair in your salon’s lounge. Guests can just sit back, relax, check in from their phone, and escape the stresses of everyday life, if only for a moment.


A well-designed lounge is also an excellent location to display your retail products. When guests feel relaxed and uninhibited, they are more likely to browse, try, and buy your products. Design a space that feels warm and inviting for guests to shop in, without any barriers to discovering and exploring your retail products.

For a seamless brand experience, display products on clean, beautiful shelves that complement your chosen décor.

4. Create a Signature Look

There is one thing that will never go out of style: your unique “vibe.” So, this salon interior design tip is to focus on creating a cohesive visual that aligns with your brand’s aesthetic instead of statement design elements that are expensive and quickly become dated.


Your décor, design, and team’s appearance all work together to create your brand’s overall look and feel. If you are going for a laidback look, your décor and dress code should match. If you wish to create an air of opulence, choose clean lines, luxurious details, and statement décor.

A cohesive look that clearly communicates your brand tells the world, and your guests, what you stand for.

By creating a unique visual vibe, you will attract your ideal guests and inspire them to snap selfies and share them on social media.

5. Give Storage a Facelift

The best salon interiors balance form and function, and storage is a beautiful thing. A clean, uncluttered storage area keeps products and tools out of guests’ view, ensures your stylists have easy access, and gives you heightened confidence in inventory management.

You want to be able to know at a quick glance what stock you have. A cluttered back of house is hard to keep track of, and items may go missing due to shrinkage. A clean, well-organized product display also shows your customers that you pay attention to detail.

Balancing form & function:  

  • In a narrow salon, utilize vertical space by adding floating cabinets to store products and towels.  
  • Floating shelves are fabulous space-savers for smaller salons that wish to display retail products.
  • Design experts suggest installing tower styling stations to maximize storage and adding carts and collapsible trays to cut back on clutter.

Design Tip:

Use pretty box shelving to store towels and products in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Wooden and metal boxes create a look that’s both warm and earthy and sleek and modern.


6. Prioritize Health & Safety

Covid has forever changed how businesses operate, and cleanliness and hygiene remain top-of-mind. According to Rosi Ajjam, GM and SVP of Aveda salons North America, safety is now the “new luxury,” and clients are holding salons to a higher standard.

Since social distancing requirements may continue into 2022, our final salon interior design tip is to analyze your salon’s open areas and styling stations for safety.

In a large salon, it’s easier for everyone to work at a safe distance. In smaller spaces, plexiglass can offer added protection. David D’Amours, owner of the Old Montreal salon Privé, has installed custom plexiglass walls in between shampooing stations along with mobile plexiglass walls that can be moved around the salon.

He believes this is a great choice when stylists want to create privacy and protection on busier days. Using plexiglass customized to your aesthetics, such as between styling stations, is a viable alternative.


Be sure to outfit your lounge area and each station with hand sanitizers. Choose gentle, lightly scented products to give your guests’ hands and noses the A-list treatment. To boost product sales and help guests feel safe and comfortable, add beautifully scented hand sanitizer to your product shelf.

Make 2022 the Year of You

After a challenging phase for the salon industry, 2022 poses a great opportunity to delight your guests in new ways. Give them the attention they crave by refreshing your salon’s interior design and utilizing Zenoti’s all-in-one digital solutions. With the right look and the right strategy, you and your guests can reach your full potential in 2022 and beyond.

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