BlueWater Day Spa Launches Online Booking & A Mobile App For Customers

By Emily Martin

June 26, 2015

Customer online booking is a great way to boost customer satisfaction. This is what BlueWater Day Spa discovered after going online. Located in Capitol Hills, Philippines, BlueWater launched their webstore and mobile app for customers, both fully customized and functional in just over a week.

BlueWater Day Spa Webstore

BlueWater Day Spa chose Zenoti’s webstore and mobile app for customers, as a means to engage with their customers and promote specials in real-time. Importantly, BlueWater Day Spa wanted to launch their online booking service before the busy holiday season.

“After the launch, our spa was able to easily advertise holiday specials, highlight our services and we got positive feedback about the mobile app and web store from customers”, stated the owner Kristoffer Marlow Magcalas.

“An important goal for us was to have our webstore and mobile app fully integrated with our spa management software. With Zenoti we got a seamlessly integrated system. Using it we showcase services, and announce deals and offers through the webstore and mobile app. And, push these same offers to our social media accounts.

Customer bookings update automatically in our appointment book. We went with Zenoti because they make the entire process easy for us and our customers” stated Kristoffer.

BlueWater Day Spa’s online booking service provides customers with the ability to book appointments 24/7 – as they’re no longer limited to calling into the spa during office hours. Both the webstore, which is integrated with BlueWater’swebsite and the customer mobile app constantly communicate with Zenoti’s spa operational software. This makes things like adding new services easy – Blue Water simply updates their Zenoti account with a new or updated service, and the web store and mobile app automatically update.

After booking online, customers receive an automated SMS (text message) to confirm their appointment. This provides customers with a personalized and prompt appointment booking experience. And, fully automates the booking process for BlueWater, so that their front desk has no manual effort.

BlueWater uses a number of features to encourage customer bookings – like showcasing popular and new services on the services menu. And they encourage customers to submit feedback and reviews through the webstore and mobile app.

Kristoffer added, “Our customers can now browse our packages, which are important to our business. It’s great that we can choose customer reviews to display along with the package details. This encourages our customers to purchase the package. I also really like the deals feature, as it helps us save time by delivering deals directly to customers. Customers no longer have to call us during the busy holiday season to check on offers that we’re running.”

About BlueWater Day Spa

BlueWater Day Spa Frontage
BlueWater Day Spa Room

BlueWater Day Spa located in the Capitol Hills, Philippines is part of a multi-award winning chain of spas. Since their opening in 2005, the spa has focused on offering high quality spa services and packages to customers. BlueWater Day Spa’s philosophy revolves around creating “a journey into wholeness” for its customers that is built on world class spa services and technology.

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