10 Highly Targeted Coupons

10 Highly Targeted Coupons

Customers always appreciate a special deal – whether it’s a discount or a simple value addition. With custom coupons, a unique feature in Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa), you can automate highly targeted coupons to print directly on a customer’s receipt. The benefits? Your customer is awarded with an offer that she’ll love, you don’t suffer from the pitfalls of mass discounting. And, it’s all automated!In this post, I’ve listed 10 offers that are sure to drive business.

Idea #1: Upgrade a service

Encourage the customer to upgrade a regular service. For example, if a customer typically comes in for a 60 min massage (and has never tried a 90 minute massage), offer an upgrade to a 90 min massage at a discounted value.

Custom Coupon - Upgrade a service

Your system knows which services each customer has tried or not tried, so they always receive an offer relevant to them.

Idea #2: Cross-sell a related service

Encourage customers to add on services to their appointment. If a guest routinely gets pedicures, but not manicures – offer a package that’s too good to pass up.

Custom Coupon - Cross sell service

Idea #3: Cross-sell different services

A common challenge is to get customers to try a new category of services. So, if a guest typically comes in for hair services, encourage them to try a skin service.

Idea #4: Promote a new service

Use custom coupons to promote a new service. Give special customers – perhaps your regulars or high spenders to try the service at a discounted price.

Idea #5: Encourage repeat visits

Convert your new customers into regulars with limited time discounts. For example, if a new customer comes in for a haircut, offer 20% off on the next haircut if he comes back in 6 weeks.

Idea #6: Sell more memberships

When a new customer comes in, be sure that they receive an offer to become a member.

Idea #7: Ensure membership renewals

Ensure quick renewals from members whose membership is about to expire by giving special discounts for a limited time.

Idea #8: Sell gift cards to members

Create special discount on gift cards exclusively for your members during the holidays or simply for any occasions like birthdays or wedding gifts.

Idea #9: Encourage non-peak hour traffic

Is your schedule tight on weekends and empty on weekday mornings and afternoons? Move traffic from busy times to non-busy times by targeting specific services or customer profiles.

Idea #10: Encourage guest referrals

Remind customers about their benefits for bringing in friends. Give her a free massage when she refers 5 friends!Targeting your promotions is a win-win for you and your customers. And, with Zenoti, it’s easy.If you’re a Zenoti customer, contact support to get help on setting up your custom coupons.If you want to learn more about why leading spa, salon and medi-spa brands are using Zenoti software - request a free demo.

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