The Problem

SkinZone Medical wanted to increase loyalty and revenue by reengaging guests who had not visited for an appointment for up to 210 days. They needed a quick and easy solution that wouldn’t take their team away from delivering an excellent experience to guests visiting the clinic.

The Solution

Zenoti Smart Marketing enables SkinZone Medical to send out automated email and SMS campaigns to lost or disengaged guests segmented by how recently they have been in for an appointment.

The solution bases the campaigns on appointment availability, content, audience demographics and service history to offer specific messaging and promotions to the right customers at the right time. This ensures that SkinZone’s appointment book is fully optimized without requiring additional manual labor or inputs from their front desk staff.

Smart Segmentation

  • SkinZone Medical segmented their audience into five campaigns depending on visit frequency.
  • The audience was targeted with a special offer for a treatment based on the length of time elapsed. The longer it had been, the bigger the incentive.
  • SkinZone Medical can now target guests based on their upcoming appointment to upsell specific packages and generate additional revenue.


  • Over the course of the 7-month campaign 26.3K emails were sent and 56.9K SMS messages.
  • The emails achieved a strong average open rate of 25% and equally positive click rate of 3%.
  • Not only did the medspa increase revenue by encouraging a lost guest to come in for an appointment, but they found that these guests spent on average 8% more than others.
“The results we have already achieved with Zenoti SmartMarketing have been incredible. We’ve welcomed backhundreds of guests and a significant number have returnedfor an additional visit since! Now we can run campaigns thatboost appointments on slow days, continue to encourageguests to return and identify opportunities to cross-sell tothose with upcoming appointments – all without taking theteam’s attention away from guests in-clinic!”
- Dr. Hannah Vu

About the Brand

At SkinZone Medical, patients are provided with comprehensive and integrated laser and cosmetic treatments using advanced and proven technologies. Procedures are performed under the guidance of Dr. Hannah Vu, MD, a natural results advocate, a facial shaping artist, and a leader in her field. Dr Vu combines her highest levels of artistry, experience, and surgical skills to provide treatments that ensure patients look their absolute best.


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