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In this issue, we've got a few announcements, a quick look at three powerful features that you might be overlooking, and a price adjustment we're sure you'll like!

Get the Latest in Inventory Management

In January, your Zenoti account was upgraded to an improved set of inventory capabilities that address the demanding needs of ordering and tracking inventory usage. New features help you conduct audits quicker and use built-in mechanisms to ensure your staff follows the right procedures. Additional features like the current stock report help you more easily manage inventory levels. Combined with our mobile inventory audit feature, inventory management just got easier with Zenoti's inventory management software, for small centers and large, multi-center chains. Watch our webinar for a walk- through of features. Access a number of learning resources and articles on our support site. And, you can always email with questions.

Customer Testimonial

O2 Spa is India's only nationwide spa chain with 30 centers operating across 15 cities and in five star hotels, airports and malls.

"Prior to using Zenoti, we were using a non-cloud based solution since we were apprehensive about using a web only version. However Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) has significantly increased our management bandwidth with its software taking care of much administration. The system supports running our large chain of spas at O2. This was enabled by their broader features that go beyond traditional POS and appointment management, like fingerprint based attendance management, centralized membership tracking, access to rich data and integrated inventory management.

Zenoti has the broadest set of features which bring together several of the requirements that large chains like O2 Spa have. I look forward to the innovations that Zenoti keeps bringing with each of their releases. "- Ritesh (Founder, CEO O2 Spa)

New Pricing for SMS Credits

Our SMS (text messaging) rates have gone down, and we're happy to pass on the savings to you! Our new rates are: 10,000 credits, 6 month validity, Rs. 4,000 + taxes50,000 credits, 12 month validity, Rs. 17,500 + taxes.

Why do you need SMS credits? Read on to the next section ...

Grow Your Business with SMS and Emails

Zenoti enables you to use mobile text messaging (SMS) and emails to communicate with customers and employees. These communications help you reduce administration, increase revenue and stay on top of critical issues. You can customize the messages sent to customers, and choose which messages are relevant to your business. Have a look at some examples of text messages and emails that you could be using:


  • Appointment Confirmation: Sent when an appointment is booked, which could have been made via a phone call or through the customer mobile app. This SMS serves as a reference for customers, and is used to verify date and time of an appointment.
  • Appointment Reminder: Sent 3 hours before an appointment and helps you avoid cancellations.
  • Appointment Follow-up Message: Sent immediately after a bill is paid and can be used in a variety of ways including thanking your customer.
  • Customer Mobile App Messages: If you are using the customer mobile app, text messages are used to communicate when a request was received, if an appointment is confirmed or denied, and if a new password is requested for the mobile app account login.
  • Appointment Cancellation: Sent if an appointment was cancelled.
  • Membership & Gift Card Activity: Sent if a membership or gift card is used.


Alerts enable the system to send managers a text or email when a specific, critical task was not completed or accomplished. For example, you may want to be alerted if:

  • A low volume of appointments are closed by the end of day
  • A high number of appointments were deleted
  • Inventory product levels fall below a minimum quantity
  • Outstanding balances for customers exceeds a threshold

You can also choose to receive daily reports including:

  • Day Closure Text: Sent with the day's sale
  • Daily Reports: Emails that are sent at the end of day with revenue, sales, appointments, guest feedback, and employee information. Check our reporting and analytics software here.


Text message and email marketing campaigns are highly effective and affordable at generating new business. With Zenoti's ability to easily create targeted segments from your customers, you can build effective cross-sell and up-sell strategies. Engage customers further with an automated and personalized birthday message or offer. If you need tips on using SMS messages and alerts, visit the support site and search the forums using the keyword "Salon Marketing Software".

Implement a Gift Card Strategy

Implementing a successful gift card strategy can help you gain new customers and the up-front revenue collection is a sure win for your business. To implement a salon gift cards strategy, consider these tips:

  • Showcase your gift cards! Place your gift cards on your counter and create an attractive display. Your customers won't buy your gift cards unless they know you have them. And a compelling message just may plant the idea to gift your services.
  • Give them a reason to buy gift cards! Everyone's looking for a deal. So whether you offer a discount on the value of the gift card, or award loyalty points to the purchaser of the gift card, make the offer enticing.
  • Get creative. Offer special packages with your gift card. For example, promote a skin care program, a special bridal package, or offer privileges that are typically reserved for members only.

With Zenoti, you can sell gift cards and redeem gift card value through the point of sales (POS). The system tracks which employee a commission should be assigned to, if any and allows you to enter a value, expiry date and can limit a gift card to one time use.

Need help with the gift card feature? Visit the support site and search the forums using the keyword "Gift Card".

Build Customer Loyalty with Feedback

Spas and salons survive on repeat business. That's why implementing a feedback process can help you identify what you're doing right, what needs improvement and offers you an opportunity to show customers you value them. With Zenoti's feedback features, you can actively engage with and keep customers happy. From start to finish, make sure you're doing the following:

  • Ensure that every customer gets a feedback form. You can do this in a few ways with Zenoti, including printing the form on every bill or receipt. Use the in-store app to allow customers to enter their feedback from a mobile device. Or, encourage customers to download and use the customer mobile app. Customers can enter feedback directly from the app, and earn loyalty points for doing so! By ensuring that customers always have the opportunity to enter feedback, you'll gain a clear perspective on what's working and what's not.
  • Make sure feedback is entered into the system. If your appointment book is full of red blocks at the end of the day, you know that feedback isn't being entered. Watch for the red and conduct audits so you're sure front desk is entering feedback accurately. If your customers are using a mobile app to submit feedback, the salon appointment book automatically updates the appointment block color, and you can be sure the feedback is accurate.
  • Turn negative experiences into repeat customers. We all know things can go wrong. But, by immediately following-up with a disgruntled customer, you can turn that bad experience into an opportunity. With alerts for managers through the manager mobile app and system SMS alerts, you can stay on top of any negative feedback.
  • Review feedback, enter issues and follow-up. Use the feedback reports to track feedback ratings over time and even across employees. Enter any issues that were reported, things like a broken faucet, no magazines into the system, and be sure to follow-up with customers when their issue is fixed. There's no better way to make your customer feel valued.
  • Appointment Cancellation: Sent if an appointment was cancelled. Need tips on the

feedback feature? Visit the support site and search the forums using the keyword "Feedback".


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