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Mother’s Day is the third biggest U.S. holiday in terms of spending and it’s predicted to reach $31.7 billion in 2022. Most notable for beauty and wellness businesses is that 57 percent of consumers say they will continue prioritizing quality time with their loved one over a gift – they’re likely to spend their Mother’s Day dollars on an outing or experience they can do together.  

How can you ensure yours is the brand they choose for their gift-giving experience? Here's a detailed round-up of how other businesses have marked the occasion, including unique insights into what UK beauty and wellness brands did for their March 2022 Mother’s Day celebrations. These can get your creative juices flowing and help you take that extra step further to make this your most profitable Mother’s Day yet.  

1. Share Shoppable Social Posts

As your guests scroll their social media newsfeed, you can make it easy for them to find and purchase their Mother’s Day gift. Create a social media post that highlights a selection of your perfect products for mom, and link directly to those products on your online store. This strategy promotes purchases because it's convenient: The shopper sees, selects, and buys, all in one quick experience. You also have a potential new customer – the gift recipient – who may never have tried your products before.  

Here’s an example of a shoppable Instagram post that TONI&GUY shared for their UK Mother’s Day promotions and can be an inspiration for your brand campaigns

Instagram post from TONI&GUY showing products that can be shopped for Mother’s Day.

2. Spotlight the Perfect Products and Services

Since more than one-third of shoppers are planning to buy their gifts online, you can increase Mother’s Day sales by creating a specialized web page just for the holiday, like Gene Juarez. The salon and spa brand has created a collection of retail products just for mom, and featured them on one page, accessible under the ‘shop’ section of their website.

Website screenshot of the Gene Juarez Mother’s Day page

For more inspiration, look to milk + honey, who suggest a variety of Mother’s Day packages made up of their most popular services.

Website screenshot of the milk+honey Mother’s Day page

3. Add an Incentive

Encourage guests to spend a little extra with each order by offering a reward over a certain purchase amount. UK-based Andrew Collinge offered a free candle for sales over a set amount – which may be just enough to inspire one more item for purchase and result in a great little revenue boost.  

As an added bonus for your salon or spa, a branded item reminds the gift recipient of you beyond Mother’s Day — keeping your beauty and wellness business top of mind through the year.  

4. Offer Gift Card Deals

Gift cards are always a winner for Mother’s Day, as they help increase brand awareness and attract new guests. They’re also a great way to generate more revenue: Zenoti data shows that 65 percent of customers with a gift typically spend 40 percent more than the card value.  

Add an extra incentive for the shopper by offering a bonus gift card with every gift card purchased. Not only can mom spend the gift card on a treatment or product of her choice, but the gifter can also join her for the experience – or treat themselves to a separate pampering session. Options and flexibility abound.  

Here’s an example of how Gene Juarez offers that bonus gift card. Of course, you can adjust the dollar amounts to whatever best suits your brand.

Instagram post from Gene Juarez showing their Mother’s Day gift card offer.

See more ideas to increase revenue this Mother’s Day.

5. Send a Promotional Newsletter

Who doesn’t love picking up the perfect gift with minimal effort? Make the selection process easy for your guests with an email newsletter full of Mother’s Day gift suggestions. For a great touch, include a few positive quotes from guests to build trust, and highlight the value of your recommendations.  

To go a step further, organize your gift ideas into different categories to satisfy different types of moms. In the example below, Etsy implemented that strategy for UK Mother’s Day. You can use this as your starting inspiration and craft it to suit your local audience.  

Etsy’s Mother’s Day email

This tactic targets a variety of personalities and tastes and offers suggestions that will appeal to each — helping expand your email’s sales opportunities by conveying you have the right gift for just about every mom.  Have some fun finding what works for you.

6. Offer Special Discounts on Popular Treatments

Capitalize on the appeal of your most popular treatments by offering discounts to help boost your Mother's Day sales, like EverySkin did in the example below. For UK Mother’s Day, the aesthetic clinic brand offered 40 percent off a selection of their more popular services as part of their gift promotions.  

This strategy entices new guests to try your services; show them your exceptional service, and they’re likely to return time and again. Research shows that 39 percent of consumers are thinking about giving subscription services to create a lasting gift experience. Tap into this desire and provide Mother’s Day savings on the first three months of your membership program to further encourage gift-givers to choose your brand.

Two Instagram posts from EverySkin showing their Mother’s Day offers.

7. Give Mom a Free Visit

As with the discount promotion, this idea requires an initial upfront investment designed to pay off over time. Our inspiration comes from a 2021 promotion from CorePower Yoga, who offered a free in-person or virtual class for mom if she joined her loved one for the session. This provided the guest with a special activity to do with mom while giving CorePower a chance to engage with potential new students.  

The promotion gives you an opportunity to sell new memberships, packages, or loyalty programs, and keep both new and established guests invested in your brand. It can easily be applied to medspa, salon, and spa, treatments and services.  

Two Instagram posts from CorePower Yoga showing their Mother’s Day offers.

Bonus Suggestion

Some holidays can be tough for some people, and empathy with your guests and customers is essential. Send an email to your audience giving them the opportunity to opt out of any Mother’s Day communications. Guests will think more highly of a business willing to put their guests' needs ahead of any potential revenue opportunities. If this aligns with your brand values, give it a try. You might be surprised by the positive response.

Oliver Bonas’ Mother’s Day email

Feeling inspired? Use this Mother’s Day checklist for top tips for your guests, team, and business.


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