Customizable gift cards for every occasion

Maximize revenue with flexible, digital solutions.
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Extend your brand beyond the storefront

Wherever your customers are, whenever the inspiration strikes, empower them to instantly purchase your gift cards online, with occasion-based templates and a personalized message option.

Provide flexible policies

Make gift card purchases the most popular choice among your customers. Our integrated platform seamlessly manages offer periods, expiration dates, and refunds without having to contact you. It also supports service gift cards, including gratuity amount. 

Boost your sales

Increase revenue beyond online bookings and customer visits with a variety of flexible options, including in-store and online gift card options, custom amounts, and package gift cards. Incentivize purchases by running promotions based on amount or quantity.

Create custom offers

Reach new customers with multiple ways to market and brand your gift cards, such as:

  • Running promotional offers
  • Awarding loyalty points with a gift card purchase
  • Promoting gift cards for bestselling services
  • Tying offers to seasonal events or occasions
  • Personalizing campaigns based on customer behavior
  • Creating BOGO or 2-for-1 deals​

Gift convenience

Allow gift card redemption at any center, on any device, regardless of purchase location with our unified, integrated platform. Plus, customers can refund gift cards through any of the existing payment options for a hassle-free experience.

Create a unique experience

Add an element of fun to the gifting process by enabling customers to choose from a variety of customizable design templates, including Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary and so much more.

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Did you know?

  • Brands who offer Zenoti gift cards see more than a
    180% jump in gift card revenue during holiday months.
  • ~65% of customers who receive a gift card
    spend ~40% more than the card value.

What more can gift cards do for your
business and customers?

Customizable configuration

Our quick setup options include defining usage criteria, allowing redemption across all center or limiting it to sale center. Also, customizable to employees from viewing complete gift card sales codes.

Detailed data insights

Monitor reports on revenue, liabilities and cross-center data purchases for an informed decision-making.

Fast balance access

Gift cards can be purchased with a range of values and recipients can independently check the balance online, and in the consumer app, within seconds.

Flexible integration options

Zenoti gift cards integration with POS provides a seamless omnichannel experience across webstore, online or mobile devices.

Minimum front desk interaction

Guests can redeem gift cards from their app eliminating any need for front desk assistance and helps you focus on serving customers better.

Fully branded

Stay top of mind and make the right impression with personalized design, message, and delivery options.
"We’re so thrilled that we were able to launch a gift card campaign that aligned with Black Friday and Christmas. This meant that even though our salons were closed, we were able to capture future sales and numerous new customers while also rewarding return customers for their purchase and ongoing loyalty. Setting up online gift cards with Zenoti could not have been easier and the campaign was a huge success!"
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
"I’m a great believer in technology to help make business more efficient. When I saw the power of Zenoti online tools for guests I was impressed and switched to Zenoti right away. Gift card sales for us have always been part of our business. Now with Zenoti Gift Cards, guests can purchase 24 hours per day from anywhere in the world and it’s super easy for my team to manage, with the added advantage that it’s reduced the number of physical cards we need to send by around 75%."
Ian Eggerton, Owner, The Stress Exchange
Ian Eggerton
Owner, The Stress Exchange
"Having an app and online booking webstore has not only increased bookings by allowing multiple (easy) ways to book but also boosted our inventory efficiency. My dream when starting Face Foundrié was to create a place where guests could quickly and easily access the services to make them look and feel their best. I wanted to deliver a modern way of booking same day services that suited everyone's busy lives. Therefore, having one system that integrated everything from bookings to payroll to inventory was key for fulfilling this vision."
Michele Henry, Founder & CEO, FACE FOUNDRIÉ
Michele Henry

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can gift cards help me improve brand reach?

A gift card is a great tool to promote your brand. It works by increasing the visibility of your store beyond the storefront, website, and the app. By promoting the gift cards on multiple platforms such as social media, events, in-store, and at partner stores your business and enabling clients to purchase it anywhere either online or offline, you are essentially allowing your business to be within the arms reach of the client. Further, by ensuring that the gift cards allow for complete flexibility of use, and are valid at all store locations you ensure that your business remains at pace with the client’s own mobility. By using a salon management software you can easily keep a track of gift cards, their validity and ensure that it can be easily redeemed at all stores, thus providing an enhanced user experience.

Can gift cards improve revenue growth for the salon/spa business?

Gift cards are proven tools to show remarkable improvement in the revenue growth of a salon/spa. The basic idea behind a gift card is to enable clients to not only spend more at your business but also to promote your business by increasing the visibility. The easier the access to gift cards, the higher are the chances that the clients would be lapping up those deals. Brands that have adopted the use of gift cards have been able to double their revenues. Furthermore, as gift cards are often with promotional discount and result in savings, the clients who avail gift cards often end up spending more during their visit to the salon/spa. By completely democratizing the gift cards i.e. making them available at different values you can ensure that no client misses out on availing the benefits and ensure that your business has a steady stream of revenue.

How can I create custom gift cards with Zenoti?

Zenoti gift cards management system, understands that your salon/spa business needs to handle multiple clients, with the preferences of one client differing from another. The software is therefore designed to accommodate for such variations. The Zenoti platform is integrated to provide a one stop solution for gift card management and seamlessly operates the offers, validity period of the card, refunds etc. without needing your involvement in every decision making step. The software allows to easily incorporate event based promotional gift cards such as the ones for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday season, and corporate rewards. With focus on making each and every client feel special, the software allows to easily incorporate occasion based greetings to deliver a highly personalized and unique experience. It further allows clients to manage the gift cards on the website, or the app and check various relevant information such as expiry and balance in just few clicks.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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