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Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) helps you achieve your revenue targets by providing you with the tools and access to data you need to keep your center on track. Whether you’re a single center spa or salon or a multi-center chain, our software helps you achieve employee, center, category and org level revenue targets.

Here’s A List Of Reports You Need To Look At

Our real-time reports, make it easy for you to monitor your performance and see if you’re on track to meet targets. You can track performance on a daily basis and easily see how you’re performing to date in the month.

View The Center’s Monthly Performance To Date

When you’re in the Admin dashboard, you’ll see exactly how much revenue and sales you’ve collected to date for the month. Compare this to your to-date target. You can also compare your projected monthly performance against the month’s target. This makes it easy for you to quickly identify if you’re on track to achieving your revenue targets.

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Admin dashboard - view center's monthly performance

View Daily Reports

You should receive a daily report by email, which includes a revenue and sales summary. You’ll see the projected monthly revenue as well as total revenue for that day. You’ll also see a summary of center sales and center targets to date for the month.

Daily report - revenue and sales summary

You can access the same daily revenue reports directly from your Zenoti account.

Help Managers Achieve Center Level Targets

Managers can monitor a single or multiple centers’ performance with mobile app for managers.

Mobile app for managers

Track Individual Employee Performance

To view employee performance, access the Employee Performance Metrics report. A green arrow indicates if the employee is exceeding their target and a red if they are under target. You can also see the employee’s goal by hovering over the revenue number. This is a great report for you to review during your daily or weekly staff meetings to make sure staff is on track with their targets.

Track individual employee performance

Employees Can Track Their Own Performance

The mobile app for employees gives each staff member the ability to track their own performance in real-time.

Employee mobile app to track their own performance

Track The Organization’s Revenue Performance

If you have more than one center, you’ll also want to review performance for your entire organization. This is a powerful report that makes it easy to quickly check your day’s performance, performance for the month to date and compare, check sales and compare all of these to performance from the previous month.

Track organizations revenue performance

Set Your Revenue Targets

If you haven’t defined your targets, you won’t see the data. Once you’ve defined your salon revenue targets the software will automatically track performance for you. In Zenoti, you can define targets for:

1) Each Center

When you set a target for the center (from the Center > Targets screen), you can break targets down by sale type including service sales, service revenue, product sales, membership sales, package sales, and gift card sales. To set a revenue target, we recommend that you consider your previous revenue performance. Specifically, you should look at:- Revenue from the same month in the previous year- Revenue from the previous month. By looking at both these revenue numbers, you can set a target that takes seasonal changes as well as your business growth into consideration.

2) Define Revenue Targets For Each Business Unit

You can create business units in Zenoti to group different areas of your business. For example, you might create a business unit for skin care and another for hair care. Each business unit combines revenue and sales from services, products, memberships, and packages. By defining revenue targets for each business unit (from the Manage Business units > Targets screen), you can track how different areas of your business performs.

3) Define Revenue Targets For Employees

In order for you to reach your center targets, employees have to reach their individual targets. Generally, you should define revenue targets by job. A hair stylist might be expected to bring in more revenue than a front desk receptionist. As all employees should be mapped to a job, they will inherit that revenue target. Similar to center level revenue targets, you can break down revenue targets by sale type (e.g. services, retail, packages, memberships, etc...).

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Achieving Revenue Targets

In addition to setting and tracking revenue targets, the data enables you to first identify revenue opportunities and then take action. Zenoti’s built-in marketing capabilities can be used to make announcements or run promotions that reach your entire customer base. To learn more about Zenoti and how we can help you drive revenue, request a demo.


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