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Appointment Book

Book appointments quickly, easily find staff availability, personalize experiences, allow customer-self booking, avoid cancellations, maximize staff utilization, track daily revenue projections for your business

Point-Of-Sale Software (POS)

Quick and error free billing with automatic redemptions against memberships, packages and marketing campaigns.


Online booking with enforced payments, real-time service provider availability. Sell gift cards, memberships, packages and retail online!


Sell More and Build Your Brand

Set up automated campaigns (you set them up once and the system sends out the right messages on the right day to the right customers). Send targeted offers, track success, smart billing and more.


Full support for one time memberships, recurring memberhips, packages with partial payments, built-in loyalty points and everything you need to retain customers.

Employee Manager

Track & award your best performers, create emp schedules, auto-calculate your commissions and payroll.

Inventory Manager

Know real-time stock levels. Make audits easier, control shrinkage, create and track purchase orders and reduce errors.

Go Mobile. It's easy.

4 unique mobile app solutions. One for your customers, managers, staff and in-store use. Go paperless!;


Understand customer behaviors, your sales drivers and compare performance across centers.


Focus on your business, not your technology. Get the latest innovations with a low investment. Our software is powerful and easy.

Leading Salons, Spas & Medi-Spas
Use Zenoti Software

b:blunt salon (Uses Zenoti software)

b:blunt is the premier salon brand in India. It serves the high-end market of discerning females and males. Sophisticated but unintimidating, it is an aspirational and inspirational salon for trend-setters and indulgence seekers, providing them with a direct insight into India's elite world of celebrity and fashion. The b:blunt team is on a mission to change Indian styling forever, creating the most innovative, successful business in the country.

"b:blunt moved over from another business scheduling software to Zenoti in mid 2012. I endorse the company and their salon software for three primary reasons:

a) Doing the basics well - Zenoti is fully equipped to do all the basic functions that you require from any booking software that allows you to run your business efficiently - be it booking appointments to important management information that allows a business owner to make good decisions

b) People - All the Zenoti people are talented & ethical, both equally important qualities. They are willing to listen and adapt, and are not rigid in their approach. You get the feeling that they are trying hard for you to solve your salon management problems, which is a great feeling to have as a business owner - a quality I really hope they maintain as they grow bigger and more successful

c) Innovation - One of the best aspects of Zenoti is that it gives a distinct feeling of a constantly evolving and improving software - from the improved HR module to the analytics tool to the Zenoti mobile applications for salons, there are always new and exciting developments in their portfolio to look forward to for the business."

Shathayu Ayurveda ( Uses Zenoti wellness software)

Shathayu Ayurveda Wellness centers are pioneer in promoting research based Ayurveda since 1901. Shathayu emphasizes on prevention cure wellness. Shathayu is a rapidly growing chain of over 10 centers focused on delivering real results to customers.

"At Shathayu we have been looking for the right medispa software solution for our business for some time. With Zenoti medispa software solution made it very easy for us to expand our operations very quickly. A web-based software solution enabled us to ensure that our guests can be recognized at any of our centers and get consistent experience everywhere. It enabled us to rollout new services and programs across our network from a single place with ease.”

Enrich Salon (Uses Zenoti software)

Enrich is Mumbai's largest and fastest growing unisex salon chains. With 50 locations spread across 4 cities, Enrich management relies on its strong operating procedures to maintain excellence in service across its center and build a strong, recognizable brand.

"Zenoti came to us over 3 years ago, which was an ideal time as we were poised on quick expansion. We just weren't able to rely on our existing software as we grew our organization. We evaluated several different options available in the industry and realized that Zenoti had the right approach and core product to be a platform to grow our business upon. We found Zenoti software to be a comprehensive software solution which covered managing every area of our business. It has several features we felt would help us increase our customer loyalty and drive more revenues from our existing customer base.

The rollout process to a chain of 56 locations was always a big concern for us. As with any such big initiative we had some challenges. This is when the team at Zenoti really came through - they did whatever it took to ensure that the rollout was successful. The team at Zenoti demonstrated 100% commitment towards our success.

Clearly we made the right choice in not only the right management software but having a team with a great spirit to be our technology partner."

Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa (Uses Zenoti software)

Zenoti is probably the best wellness software available today! I was reluctant to move my data to a new platform due to the tedious process it involves. However, this wasn't the case with Zenoti software. The process was easy thanks to the efficiency of the team.

The planning and training helped us migrate all our processes in a highly systematic manner with very little effort from our end. Customer support has actually gone from good to excellent since we signed up - this is a huge contrast to other software companies where customer service drops with time.

Continuous follow-up and training on new modules have helped us use the software for most of the functions we used to perform manually. The inventory management tool has helped us reduce costs and wastage, while the marketing tool has helped with customer loyalty and campaigns. And the membership and packages tools help us manage our database of members directly and help with our customer support.

This is a great welness spa management solution for any owner whether a stand alone or a chain. Having access through the web makes it all the more convenient. Zenoti is a great spa software solution packed with all the tools I require to “manage my spa”.

O2 Spa

O2 Spa is India's only nationwide spa chain with 30 centers operating across 15 cities and in five star hotels, airports and malls.

"Prior to using Zenoti, we were using a non-cloud based spa software solution since we were apprehensive about using a web only version. However Zenoti has significantly increased our management bandwidth with its spa software taking care of much administration. The system supports running our large chain of spas at O2. This was enabled by their broader features that go beyond traditional POS and spa scheduling management, like fingerprint based attendance management, centralized membership tracking, access to rich data and integrated inventory management.

Zenoti software has the broadest set of features which bring together several of the requirements that large chains like O2 Spa have. I look forward to the innovations that Zenoti keeps bringing with each of their releases. "

Soul (Uses Zenoti fitness software)

"As part of our rapid expansion of integrated wellness centers we found that all existing software or fitness software was not meeting our requirements comprehensively. Although we implemented a well-known spa management software solution initially it just was not working out as we grew. Once we reviewed Zenoti we realized that this software solution would meet the comprehensive needs of running an integrated health club, spa, salon and group classes across a network of multiple centers. We found this spa software to be the most intuitive and easy to use solution we had reviewed to date in the industry. The support team at Zenoti were committed to ensuring we were successful in adopting the software quickly. The entire rollout and training was finished within two days and the team further helped hand hold our staff until everyone was using the software effortlessly. After adopting Zenoti we no longer need to focus on any issues with our software - but can focus on our business and taking care of our customers. As part of managing the business each morning the first thing I do is read all our daily reports since they have everything I need to start engaging with the staff and customers on what really matters each day. Finally the ability for the management team to monitor our business anytime, anywhere using the mobile applications for spas is invaluable."