One Of The Most Effective Promotions In Your Spa or Salon - Are You Sending Them Out?

Birthday Promotion for Spas and Salons

Did you know that birthday emails are one of the most opened emails you can send? These emails are welcome by your guests, have high open rates, and give you the chance to make your clientele feel special. As an added bonus, birthday emails help you increase revenue.We’ve seen 3 different approaches that spas, salons and popular retailers use to automate their birthday email campaigns.

Option #1: Send A Birthday Email On The Guest’s Birthday

Wish your guest on their special day with an email or a text message. If you choose to include a special birthday offer, make sure you allow the guest to come in for at least 2 weeks beyond their birthday date.

Option #2: Send A Birthday Promotion 10 Days Before The Guest’s Birthday

Send the birthday offer before the guest’s birthday. This allows your guest to plan a visit on or before their big day - think a blow out before their night out or a relaxing girls’ day at the spa.

Friends and Family Birthday Promotion

Option #3: Send a Birthday Email On The First Of The Month

Similar to option #2, consider sending a birthday email to guests on the first day of their birthday month. For example, if you have 500 guests whose birthdays fall in June, your marketing system should send birthday emails to all of them on June 1st. (This is what popular retailer Anthropologie does! Check out 5 things they do perfect as part of their birthday campaign!) Your guests have the whole month to take advantage of your special birthday treat for them.

Anthropologie Perfect Birthday Promotion

These three options help you determine when to send out birthday emails. But, we know that the success of your birthday campaign depends on a few things - like being able to consistently capture guest email addresses, getting high email open rates, and being able to design an offer that helps you grow your revenue. Zenoti helps you with all aspects of setting up a birthday campaign. The best part - Zenoti fully automates your birthday campaign.Learn more on how to setup a birthday campaign, by contacting support.

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