Head of Support & Quality Control
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Head of Support & Quality Control

The skin and hair clinic and ambition is to be the most sought after clinic chain in cosmetic dermatology because while clinics in major cities in South India and there will soon be a chain of 20 clinics by the end of next year with a different treatment combinations, we have hundreds of unique packages that we offer and that was a huge challenge for us to work with.

We knew that if successful, we had to simplify how we sold and managed packages for our front desk and that we needed to find a software to help us do that previously because our own software was error prone. We have to track the package balances manually if a guest visited another location. It was a nightmare for us to get an accurate balance and keep the books in live.

We wanted a software that made things easier operationally and also stopped us from losing money from poor package management. Today, Zenoti is customizable. Packages have made it easier for our front desk to work with. Rubbing up against balance on the package is easy, fast and always accurate. We see what treatments be redeemed, which makes bookings, check ins and check outs fast. Everything is tracked and reported by if it sold a package mid-way through the series.

We simply transfer the balance for prepaid cards and the guest can use it for any service they want. The new system is great for, I guess they just walk in knowing everything is going to be ready for them. They get alerts to remind them that the next session is incomplete instructions after their visit. The course will be making them feel like we cared about the success. We noted reports have also made my job infinitely easier. All our reports are automated now.

This is a huge time saver for us as something that would take our team hours to get. Now they can pull up commissions directly from that. We know this easily saves our managers 16 hours every month. It's two extra days for us to focus on things that really move the needle of business. There are so many other ways in which it helps even little things like being able to access to quote from my phone.

After I get home, I can stay on top of things at work, even when I'm not physically present at the clinic. I love Zenoti because it makes things easy for a business.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
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Director, Epic Hair Designs

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