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Zoe Withers

I am the CFO of Face Gym. I am responsible for finance and all the IT systems day to day. I spend my time looking at data and trying to drive the company's sales and profitability. Face Gym is the first Gym for the face. We offer treatments that use our hands, that use innovative tools and use high performing products on the face to actually scope to the muscles. We have eight studios based in the UK and the US.

When I first arrived at face gym, we were using external consultants to be able to manipulate our data. I decided to take a different strategic direction and work with Zenoti because I thought that they were the people that understood the data better. So I gave them a few projects and I was exceedingly happy with the outcome. They were fast in terms of delivering the reports, but fast also when I asked them questions. They were proactive.

So when I gave them a report to develop, they came back with changes that they thought were appropriate and we discussed them. So we built a very strong relationship. It's very important for me to have instant information because we make a lot of our decisions based on data and how customers are reacting to things that we do in the studios. Zenoti Analytics has been very powerful in terms of the decisions that we've made.

We, for instance, change the strategic direction in which we are analyzing the company moving from cost control to return on investment with the various reports that we've developed together with Zenoti reporting team. Zenoti helps our front of house to run a busy studio when the clients first come in. They have the history of the client. It gives them all the information on the customer, their past history.

It has digital forms, so when the client comes in, they are aware of which forms they need to open. The trainers who work with Zenoti also are happy to see at the end of the day, the commission they earned. It's very powerful to drive the motivation of our staff.

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