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Brazilian Beauty
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Francesca Webster

So the Brazilian beauty philosophy is centered around empowering women to own their own style of beautiful. I set the business up in 2004 with one clinic today we have 21 clinics across Australia. I absolutely love the brand because 99% of our clients and our team members are female. And our brand is all about empowering females to own their own style of beautiful. So we offer a wide range of services from hair removal to lashes and brows to cosmetic injections.

We really are that one stop shop for our customers. To me, beautiful means confident and beauty comes from the inside and radiates out and at Brazilian beauty. I love the fact that we nurture our team members, our customers and everybody around the brand to own their own style of beautiful. I'm from a native background, so when I was looking for a software solution for Brazilian beauty and the Australian skin institute, I settled on Zenoti because I absolutely love the artificial intelligence function.

The artificial intelligence component, which is machine learning, was really attractive to us as a brand. So machine learning is about the CRM, learning about customers, their behaviours, their buying patterns and essentially their appetite. And then over time, we can market back to our customers with exactly what our customers want. So that saves us time and money. Additionally, touchless payments was really attractive to us.

Our all businesses changing all the time, and it was very attractive for us to have a solution where our therapists in the treatment room could just check out their clients there. And then and both ease for us, but also for the customer as well. The Zenoti team have been fantastic from woe to go from the building of our platform and the customization of it to the delivery of our clinics. They've literally been there every step of the way.

What Zenoti has done for our business is it's actually made me excited about the future. I'm excited about our daughter, what we can do with that and how we can take our business to the next level.

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