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Birds Barbershop
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Jayson Rapaport

There's no greater place in the world to start a business than Austin, Texas. We wanted birds to be a fun place to hang out, so we made sure that we had cool art on the walls, played really good music. We offer all of our clients a beer. We wanted to create a concept where it was fun to have a haircut. One of the biggest pain points at birds is friction at the front desk. We do almost 25,000 haircuts a month. There's people walking in.

There's people trying to check out. And so it just creates a real big bottleneck. And one of the great things about Zenoti is that they created something called Zenoti Go, which sort of removes that friction. We have over 1,400 people enrolled in autopay. That number is growing every day. They can essentially high five their barber walk out the door and complete the transaction at a later time.

Since we've rolled Zenoti and more specifically Zenoti Go, we've had our online bookings increased by 60% When a client downloads the app and opens it up, they don't know that it's off the shelf. It looks like we created it on our own, and that's really important. It allows people to book on the mobile app. So that they can create an appointment so they don't have to call. So we have Zenoti Connect enabled here at the barbershop.

Everyone wants to communicate via text. They don't want to necessarily pick up the phone and call. So it's made it really simple to talk to our clients, but usually see with the dashboards that Zenoti has created what is happening in my business, who's coming in, who's not coming in? Help us tailor marketing. All of it is really it's a turnkey solution that has really helped us run our business.

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