Samantha Law-Jobling

Managing Director
Bee Brazillian
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Samantha Law-Jobling
Managing Director

I'm Samantha. I'm the owner of Brazillian beauty salons. We've been in business for 14 years. We started off with one salon just doing waxing and over the 14 years we've grown to four locations and incorporate a lot more treatments. Our clients loved our quality of service. And they wanted to come to us for everything. So that led to salon number two, salon number three, salon number four. It's been a long road to enter into other realms.

We had a fairly decent computer program that we'd use for 13 years, but it had really outgrown capability wise because technology has changed so much in the way that clients want to interact with us. I was really looking for a program that could service our clients better on online bookings, had capabilities for them to actually log in and change their appointments if they needed to.

In particular, I wanted something that was fairly simple to use that wasn't over complicated for me in looking at everything, so nobody was perfect for my needs. I found Zenoti marketing capabilities fabulous, the simple to use, the way I can extract information and target a certain segment of. Not everyone likes facials, and then I can just, you know, send particular. That don't offer things that the clients don't want.

Previously, in the past, we've had to use quite a number of apps that aren't integrated within our programs and as an idea, solve that problem for. Of course, using one system for so long, I was really, really frightened of the impact on the business in changing. Think system, I found that dealing with everyone along the line over Zenoti was helpful, they were quick to act.

They really listen to what I needed and they still ring up and check on me, and I didn't feel that the help is, you know, going to drop off. 24/7 they're there. I believe that nobody will take this business forward. No longer do you need to know how to do an amazing facial. You need to know how to market yourself in that landscape, the possibilities of what we can do with the program that surprised me when I first got on the ground working with it. I really believe that it's going to expand the business.

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