Chris Brown

VP of Marketing
18|8 Fine Men's Salons
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Chris Brown
VP of Marketing

18|8 is it's a high end men's salon. It's an experience, you get a great haircut, obviously, but we're going to give you craft beer if you'd like that. Every every haircut comes with a hot towel, facial and neck and shoulder massage. We also do a lot of other salon services like straight razor shaves. So at 18|8, we're all about the experience. A lot of guys, you know, are used to getting a 15 minute haircut, get pushed in and out. They're going to be with us for 45 minutes to get the best cut of their life.

So nobody brings a ton of strategic benefit. I could go on and on. Actually, I don't have the time to tell you everything, but just a few highlights. I like to really start with the guest because that's what we're here to do is serve the guests. And it's just a great experience from the online booking to the app that they have. When they come in, they can check in automatically checks them in.

They can pay almost like Uber esque, you know, just one click Pay if they don't want to deal with the receptionist or if they're in a hurry. So from the guest experience, it's like nothing I've ever seen before in the salon software. Previous software program I was using and many other solutions are all reside on the computer, so you have to remotely log in. That can create a lot of issues if you're on the road like I am myself not being able to just log in anywhere with Zenoti.

It's called base so I can log in on my phone, I can log in on my tablet, I can log in on a computer, whether I'm in a hotel, whether I'm on the beach doesn't matter. Zenoti, the reporting and the analytics are really amazing. All the reporting is very customizable, so you can really pull the numbers that are most important to you, and that probably varies depending on the salon.

Maybe that's using a stylus can view real time their performance or write on their app, so their real time being made, being made aware of how they're performing and how that's going to translate to the bottom line for them. So what's next for 18|8 is we're around 85 franchise locations now. We want to get to 500 or 600. We also have some additional concepts coming like a Griff's barbershop that we're working on as well, which will make us even have a bigger footprint around the country. And as we scale, we really feel like Zenoti is a partner we can scale with.

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