Hair Cuttery Family of Brands Partners with Zenoti to Reduce Operational Costs

Zenoti is pleased to announce a new partnership with Hair Cuttery Family of Brands, the largest privately held chain of hair salons in the United States operating in over 500 locations. Hair Cuttery Family of Brands moved from its former point-of-sale software to Zenoti as their salon management software solution, making the transition of more than 500 locations in the time span of two months. The multi-center salon brand sought an all-in-one software solution to reduce high operating costs. Zenoti, designed for multi-center brands, delivered.

Hair Cuttery Family of Brands faced high IT infrastructure costs due to the need for a large assortment of software management solutions. Moreover, as these solutions were stitched together, they did not communicate properly. Hair Cuttery Family of Brands chose Zenoti for the ability to reduce costs by consolidating software solutions and seamlessly integrating with their accounting and inventory management systems.

Zenoti’s advanced solutions allow Hair Cuttery Family of Brands to manage customers – everything from guest profiles to point-of-sale experiences – a single software system. Prior to partnering with Zenoti, Hair Cuttery Family of Brands relied on custom-built solutions for payroll calculations, inventory and online booking. With Zenoti, it’s all-in-one.

Hair Cuttery Family of Brands’ new elevated online booking experience, powered by Zenoti, makes booking appointments easier than ever. Customers can search for an appointment time, location, and/or favorite service provider with one simple search. Zenoti ties all locations together seamlessly.

Zenoti’s all-in-one system simplifies day-to-day operations for the multi-center brand. For example, Hair Cuttery Family of Brands is now able to digitally pay out tips to employees daily. Zenoti eliminated the need to pay out tips in cash. The move forward is part of Hair Cuttery Family of Brands’ goal to become a 100% cashless business, a vision enabled by Zenoti.

“Over the years, the Hair Cuttery and Bubbles brands built a strong customer base by offering services customers love. Now we are taking our service to the next level by elevating customer and employee experiences through advanced technology. With Zenoti, it’s easier for employees to deliver exceptional customer service and provide the seamless brand interactions customers expect today,” said Seth Gittlitz, CEO of Hair Cuttery Family of Brands.

For more information concerning Zenoti’s partnership with Hair Cuttery Family of Brands, please contact


Zenoti provides an all-in-one, cloud-based software solution for the spa, salon and med spa industry. The Zenoti platform is engineered for reliability and scale, harnessing the power of enterprise-level technology for businesses of all sizes.

Zenoti powers thousands of spas and salons in more than50 countries. Zenoti allows users to seamlessly manage every aspect of the business in a comprehensive mobile solution: online appointment bookings, POS,CRM, employee management, inventory management, built-in marketing programs and more. Zenoti helps clients streamline their systems and reduce costs, while simultaneously improving customer retention and spending.

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