Grow loyalty and boost revenue with your own Consumer Mobile App

Move to a mobile-first experience and give guests fingertip access to your business.

Build your brand identity

The fully customizable app lets you extend your brand experience and infuse every screen with your brand’s essence – from logos to layout, icons, text, and colors.

Grow more with self-serve independence

The fully customizable app lets you extend your brand experience and infuse every screen with your brand’s essence – from logos to layout, icons, text, and colors.

Reduce front desk work

The fully customizable app lets you extend your brand experience and infuse every screen with your brand’s essence – from logos to layout, icons, text, and colors.

Give guests touchless convenience

The fully customizable app lets you extend your brand experience and infuse every screen with your brand’s essence – from logos to layout, icons, text, and colors.

Today, the business has become more mobile; we are witnessing more bookings from mobile devices than from walk-in customers. We must listen to them and provide the best experience possible, and that meant we needed our app to work every time and be easy to use for everybody.
Carolyn Monaghan, Program Manager
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Extend your brand beyond your centers and eliminate front desk lines!

Stay a step ahead of the competition by empowering guests to manage appointments on their own devices and employees to efficiently handle operations.

Allow anytime booking

Prevent lost opportunities by enabling guests to book anywhere, anytime.

Go touchless

Increase guest safety with self-check-in/out options and improve speed and accuracy of operations with digital forms.

Save time

Give guests the option to self-book, self-pay, and self-check-in/out and ease your team’s workload.

Stay in touch

Connect with guests through in-app notifications, alerts, and offers.

Access an omnichannel solution

Create a consistent guest experience across all touchpoints with a mobile app that is fully integrated to the Zenoti platform.

Offer a 24/7 retail store

Guests are free to browse your services, add-ons, and retail product catalog (via your Webstore), whenever it suits them.

Give fast access to information

Guests view their profile, history, balances, loyalty program details, and more directly in the app.

Provide easy booking options

Guests book, rebook, change, and cancel appointments independently.

Did you know?

Providing low touch, self-service options boosts appointment bookings by 30%. Giving guests the choice to book using web or mobile increases bookings by 56%.

Successful beauty and wellness brands trust only Zenoti

“Now, our clients experience MiniLuxe the same way
that they experience every brand they operate with
every day. Using the app, clients can do everything by
themselves, and we've had over 21,000 app downloads
so far. If you don’t have an app you’re not in 2021!”

The benefits of going mobile

Having an online presence is an essential first step
toward meeting guest expectations.  But it's not the
end game. Innovative and customer-focused businesses
know that going mobile is critical. Discover how to
leverage the power of mobile devices for your salon,
spa, medspa, or fitness center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an app for a salon?

In order to design or develop an app for a salon, the app developers need to bear some crucial information in mind. The app developer must have a detailed understanding of the administrative process flows of the business from the time a client books an appointment to the time post service the client gives a feedback. As a salon owner/operator, you are well aware of the number of cogs in process and therefore, the system’s requirement and the app’s stated outcomes must be categorically specified. Further, at all times, it must be borne in mind that the app must be easy to use. On one hand, the app should engage the client but only the other hand it should let the client reach the desired outcome in as few steps as possible.

What is the importance of the Consumer Mobile App (CMA) for salons?

The Consumer Mobile App is a highly important tool of communication between the salons and their clients. With people constantly hard pressed for time, a consumer mobile app is the utmost effective way businesses can interact with their clients. Aside from enabling your business to respond to the customer 24x7x365, a Consumer Mobile App also makes the client aware about the upcoming offers, discounts, promotional campaigns, etc. The platform not only works to make the entire process easy for clients but also provides a platform for the business and the clients to directly engage in communication. The Consumer Mobile App is designed to streamline the administrative processes and make it simpler and faster.

Can guests book multiple appointments through the consumer mobile app?

The one word answer to the question is “Yes”. The Zenoti salon / spa management software is particularly equipped to take group bookings. The group booking feature can be easily customized for each and every step of the booking process. Friends and family that are a part of the same group can book a common appointment for the entire gang for either the same service or different services. The Zenoti consumer mobile app can accept multiple bookings for upto 6 people and provides the choice of raising either a combined invoice or split invoice (individual invoices). Using group appointments you can easily search for existing guests, create new guest records to add in your group, and generate invoices.

On what devices is the Zenoti Consumer Mobile App accessible?

The new and improved Zenoti Consumer Mobile app is easily accessible across multiple platforms. Behind the scenes, the Zenoti team has spent hours and worked extensively to understand what features are preferred by the consumers and the ones that aren’t to design the all new consumer mobile app. The result is the end product that is seamless, fast, light-weight and works smoothly across tablets, phones and computers. The new consumer mobile app works on iPhone, iPads, Android Phones, Android tablets and Windows 11 and above. It works on all devices where the operating software are iOS 7 and later versions, and Android 6 and higher versions. Designed to adjust to all screen sizes the consumer app provides the guests with a fairly superior experience.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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