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Big things are coming this year!  

2022 is YOUR year.

2022 will bring you a full appointment book, endless revenue, and loyal clients.  

Tap YES to affirm.  

While it can be fun to say “YES” to an Instagram post claiming you’re about to receive all the business success you deserve, that’s not really the type of action you need to take to accelerate the growth of your spa, salon, or medspa business in 2022.

Let us help you achieve your goals with the top six beauty & wellness trends you need to know right now.

Then use this checklist to get started with your steps to success!

1. Chatbots Are Changing the Game

Create an online booking experience your guests look forward to. The thrill of booking a much needed massage or a root touch up that’s dangerously close to becoming a color correction can be squashed if your guest must wait on hold, can’t get through to your phone line, or worse, can’t figure out how to book an appointment.  

34% of people who hang up before speaking to someone will never call back.

Every abandoned call is a lost customer. So, ensure you never lose another one again with chatbots that can be there for your guests 24/7 - enabling them to book and engage with your brand when they want. Here’s what chatbots can do for your beauty & wellness business:

  • Respond to requests 24/7
  • Schedule appointments
  • Start a text conversation for missed calls
  • Run promotions, discounts, and offers on your services
  • And so much more!

Learn more about what chatbots can do for you, with, AI exclusively for Zenoti customers.

2. Appointment Bookings on Social Media

Social media has always been a power marketing tool for service-based businesses. From promoting new products and services to community building, social media is a great platform for building connections. And in 2022, it’s about to reach a whole new level with direct appointment booking capabilities.  

This means that, in a world where convenience reigns more supreme than Beyonce at Coachella, you can increase bookings simply by enabling guests to book appointments directly via your social media channels. Sounds too good to be true. But with two thirds of shoppers making purchases on social media, it’s safe to say it’s not!  

Nearly 90% of people regularly check at least two social channels every day.

Here’s how to capture this audience and motivate bookings:  

  1. Become active on two or more social media accounts. With the visual nature of the beauty and wellness industry, we recommend focusing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.
  1. Add booking capabilities on each channel.  
  1. Let your followers know that it is available and remind them often (using posts, stories, reels, etc.).
  1. Get your service providers involved! Encourage your stylists and staff members to promote appointment bookings on their social media channels too. This empowers them to amplify their digital voice and fill their appointment calendar.  
  1. Watch the online bookings roll in.  

If you’re new to social media or are looking for a 2022 refresh, check out our blog: 3 Tips to Boost Your Salon and Spa’s Social Media Presence.

Insider Scoop: Zenoti will be introducing a new social media appointment booking feature soon!

3. eCommerce Continues to Rise

Have you ever spent $45 on a new, flavor-infused water bottle because a celebrity influencer was raving about how good their water tastes? We’ve all been there. That’s the power of retail influence.  

With a profit margin of up to 50%, 2022 is the year to make retail a key focus.  

Now is the time to get your webstore strategy in place. Use these questions as a jumping off point for your 2022 eCommerce strategy.

  1. Do you have a subscription product order service?
  1. Have you set up an abandoned cart strategy?
  1. Are you using AI and chatbots (scroll back up to trend #1 for a refresher on the benefits!) to make 24/7 shopping a breeze?
  1. Are you providing a virtual experience for your existing and prospective guests? From a virtual hair color lab that shows how you’d look with different hair colors before committing to digital skin analysis to show you the health of your skin, you can use virtual reality and AI to drive digital engagement and sales.  

And don’t forget your social channels! With more than 130 million people double tapping on Instagram’s shopping feature each month, consider shoppable Instagram posts, Facebook ads, and the like.  

4. Memberships

Memberships create a long-lasting relationship with your guests. With membership-only salons making an appearance in the beauty and wellness space, here are the top two questions we encourage you to ask for 2022:  

  1. How can you create an exclusive feeling at your salon while still making it possible for new guests to sign up?  
  1. Are you offering “family” memberships for your salon, spa or medspa to reach the sister/daughter/husband of your guests?

Watch this video to learn more about how Zenoti can help you create memberships that will delight your guests.  

Tip: If you’re looking for more resources, check out the Managing Your Membership Program eBook.

5. Customized Treatments and Services

American Spa released their 2022 spa trend report and shared some exciting findings that can help you to accelerate your 2022 booking growth.  

Woman in white salon uniform massaging client

The one to watch is treatment customization. Here’s why:  

Innovation and personalization are the name of the game in 2022. Look to add treatments such as halotherapy, hydra facials, and results-oriented body services, such as scrubs and lymphatic drainage.  

Do you have custom packages and extended services? If not, consider how you can combine existing services to create luxurious packages.  

If you do, how can you make the in-spa experience more about the guest and less about completing forms for your service providers? Think digital forms, virtual consultations, and more.  

Not sure where to start? We can help!  

Douglas J Companies - Customer Testimonial - Zenoti

Let Zenoti software help you build out the custom packages and digital forms that will make your guests happier than a 2 for 1 massage.

6. Gender Neutral Pricing and Services

This is less a trend and more of a shift in thought around what it means to provide services for all.  

The International SPA Association (ISPA) reported that 49% of spa guests identify as men, proving that the old paradigm that spas are only for women is shifting. As we evolve as a society, we must expand our offerings to meet the demands of our guests and inclusivity in our communities.  

What is your personal and corporate position on diversity, equity, and inclusion? Have you updated your service menu to align with your vision? Are you offering gender neutral services?  

Take a cue from Pharell’s morning routine and use social media to highlight services and products that include men and gender non-conforming individuals so that your guests see themselves represented.

Implementing the right trends at the right time can elevate your business. Let Zenoti software take you to the next level.  


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