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Your Zenoti account was upgraded on February 10th.  We schedule maintenance hours to occur at night, so as not to disturb your daily operations. The February upgrade includes exciting enhancements in the appointment book, updated integration with  QuickBooks, updates to the POS, administrative capabilities and much more.

Appointment Book

  • ATTENTION! If you are still using the original appointment book, or “Classic Scheduler,” this upgrade will automatically switch you to the new appointment book that was launched in August 2014. Read about the benefits of the new appointment book.
  • Easily move an appointment to another day. All services in the appointment are moved and assigned to the same provider on the new day.
Move appointment
  • Easily rebook appointments. If a customer wants to book the same set of services for their next visit, the front desk has a quick method to copy the same appointment.
Rebooking an entire appointment

An arrow icon on the appointment block indicates that the appointment was rebooked - use this in case you offer any special perk when a customer rebooks an appointment. For more information on this, read our support article Booking a New Appointment.

  • Add blocks to indicate unavailable times for staff. You can specify a note and reason for the block-out time. For example, a reason might be  that a provider is running late, staff meeting, lunch, break, doctor’s appointment, etc.
Block time

You can create your own block out reasons or “types.” Block out times do not impact utilization metrics. For example, if a provider is scheduled for 4 hours, that includes a 15-minute break and is fully booked for the remaining time, their utilization metric will be at 100%.  For more on this, read support article Use Block Out Time For Employees In Your Organization.


  • Set up notes to pop-up when booking a service as part of an appointment, when booking a service from a guest’s membership benefits, from a guests’s active package or as part of a group booking. Notes can be used to indicate anything, for example, for pedicures, you might put in a note to remind the front desk to request the guest add a manicure.
  • Set up notes that pop up when collecting payment in the POS. For example, you might want to capture a special circumstance about the guest that impacts billing.
  • Use gift cards to pay partially or for the entire invoice of a group appointment.
  • The system will still automatically generate split tips based on service amounts. For example, if one service was 80% of the invoice amount, that service provider will receive 80% of the tip amount.  However, you can now manually enter how you want to split a tip between service providers. This is helpful when a guest instructs how much tip should go to each of their providers.
  • Accept tips for invoices that are part of an appointment  group. For example, if a bridal party is booked together and the bride is paying for the entire party, you can still accept a tip from a guest and record it against that individual invoice. For details, read support article Track And Pay Out Tips In Your Organization.
  • For offline credit card transactions, you can now capture, in addition to the credit card type and last 4 digits,  the card’s issuing bank name as well as the swipe machine terminal number (in the event you have more than one credit card swipe terminal). This enables managers to map each credit card swipe to the appropriate swipe terminal.
  • If you operate out of the Philippines, receipts will now be printed  in the required Bureau of Internal Revenue format. Among the requirements for BIR format, you can now  print a duplicate receipt, indicate whether the receipt is a duplicate, indicate if the invoice has been voided, etc.


  • Track the status of all text messages (SMS) sent to your guests, i.e. see which phone number was used and the status of the sent message.


  • Integrate  with QuickBooks, which allows you to export guest details, invoices and payment details into Quickbooks. Zenoti supports QuickBooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online using TransactionPro Importer on Windows OS. For more about this, read the support article Export Data From Zenoti To QuickBooks.
  • Enforce front desk to select which staff member was responsible for a product sale in the POS. This makes commission calculations easier.
  • Get more details about your appointments in the new Appointments Report.  Use this report to analyze booking data such as the number appointments made online vs walk-ins vs mobile, better understand appointment re-booking trend, list of employees who are specifically asked for service and more. You can also filter this report based on status (Open, Closed, Cancelled, No Show and Deleted)
  • Optionally round payment amounts to the nearest 5 cents. This is especially useful for U.S., Australian and Malaysian customers.
  • Set a default tax group to use when for transferring products from one center to another.


  • Easy sign up for guests who  have already visited your center in person and are creating an account for your online store. If the system identifies an existing record with the same email address or mobile phone number, a one-time password is sent to that guest to authenticate. The guest can login with their one-time password to view a history of their appointments until they create their new password for full account access. If there are more than one matching records, the guest will not receive a one-time password.
  • If you operate out of Australia, the online store is now compatible with Payment Express for purchasing products, gift cards and booking appointments.
  • If you operate out of the Middle East, the online store is now compatible with Quatar National Bank for purchasing products, gift cards and booking appointments.

Please note only one upgrade, the changing from the old appointment book to the new one, will automatically rollout to your account. All other changes will not impact how you use Zenoti. To learn more about the new features or to implement them, contact your consultant or call our support team.


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