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Your Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) account was upgraded with the latest features on December 2nd. We’ve added powerful features like the ability to include retail products as part of a package, or as a pre-requisite to a package, support for sophisticated discount programs, the ability to enforce end of day register closure, a new tier based loyalty points program, new reports and more.


Create Custom Categories For Services & Products

Categories and sub-categories are used to organize services and products. You can use our default categories and sub-categories, or create your own. Custom categories may provide more intuitive groupings for your services and products, which make things like navigating your website easier. To create custom categories, ensure you’re in the Organization view and go to the Admin screen. Click on the Services or Products link under Categories – you’ll now see an Add button to create a custom category.

Include Retail Products In A Package

You can now either include retail products as part of a package or require retail products as a pre-requisite to purchasing a package. Setting up a pre-requisite lets you decide which products are to be sold with the package, at the time of billing. For example, you can sell a skin care package that includes 6 sessions of a laser treatment and a skin care retail product as a pre-requisite.

Or, set up a package that requires the purchase of 3 products, one from the skin correction category and two from the cleansing category. You’ll be able to select individual products, product categories, or a group of products using tags. Also, you can set up the quantity of products that needs to be bought along with the package.

To create a new package with retail products as a pre-requisite, ensure you’re in the Organization view and go to the Admin screen. Click on the Packages link under Resources and click on the Add button in the right panel.

Enforce Package Services To Be Redeemed In A Prescribed Order

Set up a series package so that services must be redeemed in a specified order. For example, a skin care package with 5 sessions of laser treatment and 3 sessions of microdermabrasion requires that the guest complete the laser treatments before starting any microdermabrasion treatments. The system will alert the front desk if a guest tries to book a microdermabrasion session before all the laser sessions have been completed.

Track Additional Revenue From Expired Packages

Often times, guests do not redeem all the services in a series package. You can track revenue from expired packages for each center as well as for the entire organization. To enable this feature, ensure you are in the Organization view and click on the Admin link. Navigate to Organizations > Settings and expand the Packages folder. Select the checkbox “Consider expired package balance as revenue”.

Note that by enabling this checkbox, your revenue reports for the organization and the centers will get updated with a new column called Expired Packages. This will show revenue generated from services that were not redeemed before package expiry. These reports automatically update when a package expires. If you extend the expiry of the package, the reports will not reflect that package.

To access the center level report, ensure you’re in the Center view and go to the Admin screen. Click on the Daily Reports link in the Reports section and select Center Revenue from the drop down. To access the organization level report, ensure you’re in the Organization view and go to the Admin screen. Click on the Accounting link under the Reports section and select the Organization Revenue report from the drop down.

The graphical report for Organization Revenue will also show the revenue from expired packages.

Organization revenue

Center Level Control For Package Pricing

If you are a multi-center chain, each center can assign a tax and package price for each package. If you have packages that include products and services, you may need to apply different product related and service related taxes (e.g. in many parts of Asia, you will need to apply VAT along with Service Tax).For custom packages, you can set up a default tax group at each center.

To set this up, ensure you’re in the Center view and go to the Admin screen. Click Centers and go to the Settings tab. Under the General folder, select the Tax Type for Custom Packages.

Appointment Book & POS

Enforce Register Closure

It’s important to follow end of day procedures and close out your register every day (check out why in our blog). In addition to the existing automated alerts and reminders, you now have an additional check in place that blocks the front desk from collecting payments until the previous day’s register has been closed. Front desk can still book appointments, redeem memberships and packages, add products to an invoice, but they will not be able to collect any payments.

Take payment alert

To enable this new rule, ensure you’re in the Organization view and go to the Admin screen. Click on Organizations, navigate to Settings > Invoice & Receipt and select the checkbox “Block taking payments if register is not closed the previous day”.

Enforce All Invoices Are Closed Before End Of Day Register Closure

Revenue is recorded only after an invoice is closed. You can enforce that all invoices be closed before a receptionist can perform their end of day register closure. You can also allow the receptionist to close the register if all service related invoices are closed. This allows for open invoices for products, memberships, packages or gift cards.

If you have frequent cases of partially paid invoices for packages, it is recommended to limit this restriction to only service related invoices. To enable this new rule, ensure you’re in the Center view and go to the Admin screen. Click on the Centers link, navigate to Settings > Appointment Book and select the checkbox “Allow closure when open tickets are present”. Select ‘All’ or ‘Services’ radio buttons depending on whether you want to consider only service related invoices.

Restrictions To Prevent Fraudulent Activities

When an invoice is closed, your front desk can still void the invoice, which deletes the invoice from sales, accounting, revenue and collections reports. To avoid fraudulent activities, the system will lock invoices from a “void” after the register is closed for the day. To prevent voiding of invoice, ensure you’re in the Organization view and go to the Admin screen. Click on the Organizations link, navigate to Settings > Invoice & Receipt and uncheck the checkbox “Allow to void a payment after register closure”.


New Tier-Based Loyalty Programs

Loyalty points programs are a great way to get repeat visits from your customers and keep your schedule full. We now support a tier-based loyalty points program, similar to how airline mile loyalty programs work. Allow your guests to accumulate points with every dollar they spend and let them redeem these points against your services and products. Entice them to increase their spending and move up in the tiers to get more benefits. Set up tiers with a minimum spend, which allows customers to get into a tier. For example, you might have a 3-tier loyalty points program – silver, gold and platinum as shown below.

Tiered loyalty program

When a customer spends $100 in a year, she’ll be eligible to enroll in the Silver tier. After enrolling in this program, she’ll receive 20 points for every dollar she spends at your center. You define how a customer earns points, what they can purchase with points and how much each point is worth – i.e. a point could be worth $1 or $.01.

The system will automatically upgrade or downgrade a customer based on her eligibility. So, if the customer spends more than $500 this year, she’ll be upgraded to the Gold tier and, in this example, earn 30 points for every dollar spent. When downgrading the customer to a lower tier, the system allows you to set up a grace period. So, even if the customer didn’t spend $100 this year, you can allow them to stay in their current tier for one more month before downgrading them.

To enable the new loyalty points program, ensure you’re in the Organization view and go to the Admin screen. Click on the Organizations link, navigate to Settings > Guests and select the checkbox “Enable tiered loyalty points”.

To learn more about setting up the new loyalty points program, contact our support team.

More Pre-Requisite Options For Discounts

You can now assign products or packages as a pre-requisite for a discount. For example, set up the discount “30% off a facial, when you buy any skin care product”. You can also allow guests to choose products or packages that are grouped in a category, sub-category or even tagged with a keyword. For example, if you are launching a new product line, you could simply tag each of those products with the brand name and allow guests to choose from that set only.

Sophisticated Discount Options

In addition to discounting services or products, you can now also discount individual services, products, packages and memberships with different discount amounts. For example, a single promotion can offer 30% off a color treatment and 5% off shampoo and conditioner retail products. Or, allow customers to “Buy any 2 products from our new line of skin care products, and receive 10% off our annual membership and 20% off 2 hair care products.”


Sell Batches Of Retail Products At Different Prices

If you sell retail, you may need to change pricing with each batch. To accommodate price changes, you can set up multiple MRPs for a retail product and allow the front desk to select the MRP based the price of the current batch.

Multiple MRP

To set up multiple MRPs, ensure you’re in the Organization view and go to the Admin screen. Click on the Products link under the Resources section and select the product you’d like to add multiple MRPs to. In the General tab, click on the “+” button next to MRP and add multiple MRPs that you’d like the front desk to select from.

Set Up Separate Bar Codes For Each Batch Of Products

When managing inventory, you’ll need to store different batches of a product. An easy way to identify these products is through their bar codes. You can now add multiple bar codes to a product to account for multiple batches. Bar codes can be easily printed from the Manage Products page or from the Purchase & Transfer Orders report. In case of multiple bar codes, the system will allow you to select the bar code you’d like to print.

Track & Reconcile Products Consumed For Each Service

For services that consume products, you need to track the quantity of product used with each service. The system allows you to specify how much of a product is used in each service, but this may not be always accurate. So, we’ve added a new Bill Of Materials report which allows you to track the quantity of the product that was supposed to be used versus what quantity was actually used.

For example, for the service Hair Wash, this report shows you that normally 20 ml of shampoo should be used for this service, but the actual amount consumed in the last 14 days averages to 25 ml per service.

Bill of materials report

To access this report, ensure you’re in the Center view and click on the Inventory tab. Under the reports section, click on Bill Of Materials link. Select Bill Of Materials from the drop down, the time period for which you want the report and click Refresh.

Track Changes To Professional (Consumable) And Retail Products

Professional or consumable products (those that are used in a service) and retail products are tracked separately in Zenoti, but in reality are often used as required. For example, if you’re low on professional products, your staff may make use of the same product that is accounted for as a retail product to be sold to customers. The Product History report for any product will now show all the changes you did to an existing product, including converting it from retail to consumable or vice versa.

Your staff can convert these products into consumable or retail if they have the required permissions. For a step by step process to convert products in Zenoti, refer to our support article – Converting Products Quantity from Retail to Consumable and Vice-Versa.

Please note that to change a product from consumable to retail or vice versa, you’ll need to set up products as both Retail and Consumable while creating a product and then change the stock from the Inventory module. Simply changing the product definition on the Edit Products page will not affect the existing stock levels in the system. If you need help with converting retail products to consumable or vice versa, contact support.


Award Commissions To Consultants

If your sales are driven by referrals from external doctors or consultants, you can award commissions to them. We’ve now added support to add consultants into the system and award commissions. When collecting payments from a client, you can divide any commission between the service provider and the consultant.

Multiple Employee Commissions in Zenoti allows you to split the commissions between the service provider and the consultant or assign the entire commission to the consultant from the payment screen. To track the commissions to be paid out to consultants, check the Employee Split Commissions report, which allows you to filter invoices for appointments that are referred by consultants. This report shows percentage commissions to be paid out to the consultants.

Split commissions report

To access this report, ensure you’re in the Organization view and click on the Employee tab. Under the reports section, click on the Sales reports and select the Split Commission report from the drop-down menu.

Easily Track Employee Leaves, Overtime & Staffing Details

With some major updates to employee reports, we’ve made it easy for you to manage your staff at all your centers. The new Employee Leave report will allow you to track the history of all leaves taken by your employees as well as any leave planned in the future.

Leave report

The tabular report Employee Overtime now also show overtime during weekends and holidays.

Employee overtime report

Keep track of all your staff at various job levels at each center. The new Staffing report lets you check the number of employees at each center for different job levels.

Staffing report

Reports & Dashboards

Customize Your Dashboards To View Collections

Your dashboards display projections, targets and current values for sales and revenue. But if your business focuses on collections rather than sales, you can switch this dashboard to show projections, targets and current values for collections.


New Reports

We’ve added new reports to help you get more insights on your collections.

  • Service Collections: This report shows collections from individual services or service categories from various payment methods like cash, card, check etc.
  • Product Collections: This report shows collections from individual products or product categories from various payment methods like cash, card, check etc.
  • Organization Collections By Item: This report show collections from services, products, memberships, packages and gift cards for the entire organization in both tabular as well as graphical format.

Webstore & Mobile Apps

Limit What Your Guests Can View And Edit On Your Forms

If you’re using digital forms (e.g. intake forms, consultation forms) you can allow customers to fill out the form online from your website or the in-store mobile app. You also have the ability to control which fields the customer can see and edit.

More Customizations For A Beautiful Webstore

In the previous upgrade, we added a number of new things on your webstore to make it look beautiful – new landing pages, better display of items, new layout for navigational buttons, and more. To make your webstore amazing, we’ve added a few more things…

  • Customized labels for all your buttons. Some want it to show “Book Services” while others want it to be “Add to Cart”. We made it customized so you can label it anything you want – “Book”, “Add to Cart” or “libro servicios”.
  • Faster checkout with Checkout buttons. If a customer visits your website to get a refill for the products she bought during the last visit, she’d want the buying process to be simple and fast. So, we added a new button – Checkout or Buy Now, which will allow them to go to the checkout process at the click of a button.
  • New page to show all your locations. It’s easier for your visitors to find the nearest center when you put addresses and contact information for all your locations at one place – so we put up a new page and a link in the navigation bar.

All these along with lots of minor bug fixes will enhance your customers’ experience when they come online to book an appointment or buy a retail product.

Make Your Customer Mobile App Beautiful With A Carousel Of Images

Your mobile app for customers will look more beautiful when you add images for your home screen. Check out how some of our clients have made their customer mobile apps beautiful.

CMA - Carousel

Allow Staff To Track Tips From Their Mobile Phone

Our mobile app for employees now shows tips earned by your service providers.

Employee mobile app - Track tips

Please note that these upgrades will not affect your current settings or operations in Zenoti. To learn more about the new features or to implement them, contact your consultant or call our support team.


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