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Your Zenoti account will be upgraded on April 7th. We schedule maintenance at night, so your daily operations are not disturbed. View your scheduled downtime here. The April upgrade includes enhancements to responsive design, Xero integration, time-based discounts, and more.

Responsive Design & Online Store

  • Responsive Design for your website and online store is critical, especially as consumers browse the internet on a variety of devices like cell phones, tablets and laptops.  With this release, your online store will automatically use responsive design and fit any screen size your guests might be using.
Responsive design allows your online store to show up properly on any device.

Starting this month, Google may list websites without mobile-friendly designs with a lower ranking and reward sites that use responsive design with better rankings. Your online store will automatically have this--making it easier for guests to locate your products and services and choose your business. Don’t have an online store yet? It’s easy, contact Support for details.

  • Searchability is the way Google, Yahoo and other search engines can find and recommend your website over the hundreds of others that are offering the same services or products.  Your online store is set up to help create  descriptions for your services, products, packages and memberships that result in the best SEO (search engine optimization). For any item in your online store, you can choose the page title, keyword, and snippet of text that will be shown on a search results page.  For example, if you offer a Deep Tissue Massage, you can update search terms and keywords in the Services page so that service will show up in search results when a customer searches for something related to “Deep Tissue Massage.”  For more details, contact our Support team.

Xero  Integration

  • For our spa or salon customers who use the accounting software Xero to track financials and accounting, we are fully integrated. This could save time on manual data entry and offer a more seamless experience for those who use Xero. The support site will have more information soon, until then feel free to contact our Support team for details.

Time-Based Discounts

  • Restrict discounts to specific times on specific days. This is a great way to run ‘Happy Hour’ specials for better yield management. You might schedule discounts during off-peak hours to encourage more business during slow times.

Use the time-based discounts feature to create a “Happy Hour” promotion during off-peak times.

Use the time-based discounts feature to create a “Happy Hour” promotion during off-peak times.


  • The Organization Sales and Revenue reports are updated to show amounts as percentage of total. This is useful when you’d like to quickly view how each area of the business is contributing to organization goals during a given time period and across multiple locations.
View stats as a percentage based on sales, services and other items by location.

  • The new Gift Card and Pre-paid Card Liability Reports pull all outstanding balances on gift cards and pre-paid cards, allowing you to see the extent of your liability across your entire business. If a gift card expires, based on the validity period you defined, the outstanding balance is considered revenue. If a gift card does not have an expiration, the liability will increase year-over-year. Access these reports in the Admin Dashboard under Accounting Reports.  
View the gift card liability report to know where you stand.

  • The Organization Targets report helps you track how well your business is performing against target goals that you set for each location. Set a sales or collection target for retail, services, memberships, and packages, etc. and the report will show how actual sales or collection numbers compare to these targets. Access this report in the Admin Dashboard under Accounting Reports.


  • Allow loyalty points to be redeemed on purchases including tax. For example, if a service is $100, and the tax adds another $10, loyalty points can be used to redeem the full $110. Your system is currently set up to allow loyalty points to redeem against the purchase only and not the tax.
  • Simply click a button to automatically separate the cost of a service from the cost of a product used during that service, that will be shown on the invoice. For example, with a Botox session, the service rate might be a flat $100 and the price of the product is $25 per Botox unit. A client that received 2 units of Botox during that session would be billed for $150 total and the invoice properly itemized to save time while booking and billing for an appointment.  For more details read our support article Entering Product Consumption for a Service.


  • Enhancements to custom packages allows you to define a package template with a master set of services and products. The front desk or other staff can then choose services from this list at the time of creating a custom package. You can also specify in the template, how many services from the master list must be selected when creating the custom package. For example, for a  Hair Removal Package you would  create a custom package template that includes all laser hair removal services and specify that 5 services must be selected. The system will indicate which services are available to choose from when creating the guest’s custom package. You may also include any related products as part of the package, which can be selected by the guest and taken home at the time of purchase. For details on setting up custom package templates and creating custom packages, read the support article, Create, Edit And Use Custom Packages.

Guest Notes

  • Notes are a great way to capture data about your guests and their preferences and also provide a high level of personalization for each visit. In addition to the capabilities already provided around notes, you can now:
  • View all guest notes in a single screen.
  • Specify notes as private. This ensures that only staff with the right security permissions can view these notes. This is useful in medi-spas where a doctor might be the only one to view specific notes. Or, in a salon, managers could use private notes to indicate a guest that requires special attention without alarming the front desk or service provider.

View all guest notes from past visits and appointment-related notes in a single screen.

Check out the support article Viewing a Guest’s History  for all capabilities around guest notes. Please note, these changes will not impact how you use Zenoti. To learn more about the new features or how to implement them, contact your consultant or call our support team.


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