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The Zenoti software update for March 2018 includes the following product upgrades.

Zenoti Customer Mobile App

Guest’s Easy Pay Experience

The Customer Mobile App is now part of a new customer experience called Zenoti Go. With this update, guests can make a direct payment from their mobile devices after the service.

Guest’s Easy Pay Experience

Note: The Zenoti Go experience varies depending on the business region and other criteria such as organization level settings.

Digital Forms

Guests can now access and provide details in different forms such as Agreement Forms, Permission Forms, and Registration Forms directly from Zenoti CMA.

Appointment Book

Cash Payouts to Employees

You can use cash that is in your register to pay out tips to employees (Employee payout) or to transfer the amount to another register (Transfer to register). The cash that is paid to an employee is tracked as Cash Paid Out and the cash that is transferred to other register is tracked as Cash Transferred in the Register Closure summary and in the Register Closure email. The Cash Ledger Report tracks all these transactions.

Note: Users who have the Payout Cash or Transfer Cash permissions for Cash Management under Administrator permissions can perform these actions. Read the help article

The Cash Ledger Report tracks all these transactions.

Tag Appointments as Surprise Visits using the Booking Wizard

Guests often like to gift service appointments to friends and family as a surprise. Zenoti ensures that recipients of such bookings do not get any notifications before the appointment in order to maintain that surprise. This feature is already available in the Appointment Book bottom panel. You can now use the Booking Wizard to book such surprise visits for individual guests and groups. Read the help article

Tag Appointments as Surprise Visits using the Booking Wizard

Allow Products to be Exchanged

If guests are unhappy with the products they purchase, they can choose to either ask for a refund or an exchange. Zenoti already supports refunding guests for products. Now, Zenoti allows guests to exchange products for products. Read the help article


Gift Package Credits to Family and Friends

Zenoti now allows your guests to gift their package benefits to family or friends. Guests may transfer package benefits that are part of a series, offer, or custom packages. A new report tracks the number of service credits transferred between the guests, the date of transfer, and benefits received by the recipient guests.

Note that the administrators must select appropriate organization level settings for packages, for this feature to work. Read the help article

Gift Package Credits to Family and Friends

Set Series Package Price to be Lower than the Price of Products

Your business may want to sell series packages that include bundled products (guests pay separately for such bundled products). In some cases, the cost of the bundled products may be higher than the cost of the package. Administrators can use a new setting (at the organization level) to allow the package price to be less than the total cost of the products in the package and can also specify the percentage of package price to be considered a product sale. For example, if the package cost is $1,000, you can allocate 70% of that to be considered as a product sale. That is, $700 will be considered a product sale, and $300 will be considered a service sale.

Zenoti Mobile

See Guest’s Package and Membership Benefits

With this upgrade, the front desk can see a guest’s unused credits and benefits that are part of the guest’s purchased packages and memberships in the Guest Summary in Zenoti Mobile. This allows the front desk to quickly share information with the guest about their benefits. The front desk can also book services offered as service credits from memberships (to the Appointment Book) or add free products from the product balances of packages (to the billing).

Note: This feature is coming soon.


Send OTP Through Email

Earlier, Zenoti sent One-Time Passwords (OTPs) only through text messages. Now your guests can receive OTPs through emails too. Administrators can enforce OTP authorization through email, text messaging, or both, at the organization and center levels.

Send OTP Through Email

If both, SMS and Email are selected, you can configure a preferred method. Zenoti sends the OTP through this preferred method by default. You can also make exceptions for particular invoices. For example, for a particular invoice, you want to send the OTP by Email (when the default is SMS). In such a case, you can update the OTP to be sent to the guest by Email. You will want to send an OTP through email if your business operates in areas with poor network service or where guests may not be able to receive texts (such as airports). You can set up OTP for verification of redemption against packages, memberships, loyalty points, and offers sent as part of marketing campaigns. Read the help article

If you need help activating any enhancements, contact support.

Whats New in the March 2018 Upgrade

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