How to Keep New Customers Through the New Year

How to Keep New Customers Through the New Year

Like most spas and salons, there’s a good chance your calendar is already booked out for December. And, hopefully, many appointments are from new customers who were drawn in by a combination of your clever marketing efforts and your reputation for providing an amazing experience.

With this steady stream of new bookings, combined with new walk-ins, and those redeeming gifted experiences, it’s time to ask yourself: What’s the plan for converting those new customers into repeat customers in the new year?

Your services are top notch, but is that enough to turn new guests into repeat customers? Here are a few tricks you should consider to keep those new customers coming back:

In-house advertising: Get creative with your signage. Display reminders to customers throughout your store encouraging visitors to book one, or several, appointments out. Incentivize them to book multiple appointments by offering priority booking, membership benefits, or special promotions.

Capitalize on your captive audience: As they wrap up their visit, ask new customers when they’d like to schedule their next appointment, and mention your memberships and promotions – especially your seasonal gift card promotions. Train your staff to make these conversations a standard part of your check-out process so you’ll never miss another upsell opportunity.

Email reminders: Send an email reminder of how long it’s been since their last service, and remind them how great they felt when they last saw you with creative writing or images. Email is also a great way to promote memberships, service packages, or reward programs to help convert them into returning customers. With 58% of customers preferring to book online, be sure to promote online booking as an option.

Keep your holiday momentum going by turning those quiet January months into a great start for the new year with new clients.

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