Glow Medispa: A Zenoti Customer Story

Glow Medispa: A Zenoti Customer Story

When Dr. Kate Dee got a glimpse of the genuine cheerfulness on patients’ faces when leaving a medical esthetics office, she was excited. After working as a breast cancer specialist for 16 years, it was refreshing to see patients walking out of a clinic even happier than when they arrived.When a few of her friends who were OBGYNs were retiring, they reached out to Dr. Dee to see if she would be interested in making a move from breast imaging and biopsies to medical esthetics.“They were like, ‘Kate, it’s the best thing we ever did, and it’s right up your alley. It’s all needle procedures and talking to women all day, but you get to make them happy,’” Dr. Dee recalls. “That sounded really appealing to me, because after 16 years of telling people they had breast cancer, I really didn’t get to make people happy much.”Dr. Dee started Glow Medispa in West Seattle in 2015. Today, she employs 9 people in her West Seattle location, recently opened another spa in Kirkland, Washington, and is in the process of opening a third location in Newcastle, Washington. Glow Medispa offers a wide variety of services to its customers, including body sculpting, injectables, like Botox, and laser treatments. The Glow Medispa team is deeply passionate about providing services to enhance their patients’ natural glow.While Dr. Dee is proud of her business experience, working hard to open three locations, she is adamant about a marriage of both business and medical expertise when owning and operating a medispa.“I think other people [in the medispa space] often make decisions based on ROI and economics, but not medicine and science,” says Dr. Dee. “I think when making a medically-informed business decision, you’re going to be way ahead of everyone else.”

Glow Medispa

Because of this, Dr. Dee firmly requires each Glow Medispa location to be overseen by a qualified doctor. She recently opened their new Kirkland location with Dr. Desiree Otto.“I really believe that if you do everything that is medically safe and sound, and makes sense from a physiology and physics point of view, you’re going to get much better results,” she explains.Glow Medispa patients are thrilled with the results of their treatments, as evidenced by the copious five star reviews on their site. As she enters her fifth year of owning and operating Glow Medispa, Dr. Dee increasingly grows to love that her job builds her patients’ confidence in their natural beauty.“One of the reasons it was so hard for me to be in breast cancer was that I would really become connected and involved with each patient, but it was during a challenging time,” she says.“In the spa, people aren’t under duress. Instead, they’re in a place where they’re happy to be doing things for themselves.”Discover more inspiring Zenoti customer stories here.

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