Easily Manage Services With Processing Times & Multiple Steps

Multiple Steps

Your spa, salon or medi-spa probably offers services that include multiple steps, or segments, that are shared between multiple service providers. For example, a Hair Color service typically combines a wash + dry + color + processing time + wash + dry.Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) makes the process of booking and assigning each of these multi-step, multi-therapist services quick and easy. For example, you might assign the first wash and dry to a washer, the coloring to a stylist, the second wash to another washer and the last dry to the stylist. By assigning each segment to the right provider, your receptionist always has an accurate view of availability. The processing time is important for the receptionist to be able to assess the stylist’s availability and book another service during that time.[caption id="attachment_3068" align="alignleft" ]

Hair Color Segments

Figure-1: Processing time helps your receptionist better utilize the stylist availability[/caption]The system will automatically adjust commission and utilization metrics for each service provider.Creating services with segments also enables you to assign multiple therapists for a service. For example, if your spa offers a couple’s massage, you can create a service with two segments. When the receptionist books the appointment, she simply assigns one of the segments to the second therapist. Again, each therapist will be awarded the appropriate commission amount and utilization metrics will be accurate.For a step-by-step process of creating multi-step services with processing time, read our support article - Add Processing Time To A Service And Break A Service Into Segments.

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