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COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. The need for increased sanitization and safety protocols, combined with growing customer demand for reduced touch points, means that front desks are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

But these are not the only factors contributing to the change. Ever-increasing competition is giving your customers their pick of service providers and making guest experience a critical priority. Utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve operational efficiency and streamline operations is helping salons and spas to not only deliver this quality service, but also boost their bottom line and stay a cut above the competition.  

With Zenoti Mobile POS, it’s easier than ever to stay ahead by moving the point-of-sale (POS) experience directly to the service chair. Upgrading to this latest technology, which is supported on both iOS and Android tablets, empowers businesses, employees, and customers to take control of their own safety without sacrificing superior service.  

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Here are three ways Zenoti Mobile POS helps spas and salons around the world to elevate their services:  

1. Improve employee productivity and satisfaction

Zenoti Mobile POS has a plug-and-play user interface (UI) that is modern, easy to use, and lets employees handle appointments without intensive training or errors. This self-serve solution’s clutter-free design and simple step-by-step process allows you to provide a frictionless, enhanced customer experience.

Now anyone, from novice to experienced staff, can effortlessly and instantly handle appointments, coordinate with colleagues, check guests in and out, update invoices, charge cancellations and no-shows, and so much more. Giving employees everything they need at their fingertips enables them to get back to doing what they love – building customer relationships and providing great service.

2. Enhance the customer experience

Keeping guests’ safety top-of-mind is more important than ever. The smooth, digital, Zenoti Mobile POS experience offers salons and spas the chance to elevate their services while impressing their guests.  

  • Fast check-in/check-out: Eliminate lines and make check-in/check-out a breeze with faster payment processing completed at the service chair.  
  • Safe, contact-less interactions: Reduce unnecessary front-desk communications by processing payments faster.  
  • Customized experience: Make guests feel welcome on every visit with their appointment details, profile and payment preferences all available on the mobile POS and right at the front desk team’s fingertips.

To learn more, read our free e-book about Elevating the Guest Experience

3. Achieve consistency with simplified business operations

The latest Zenoti Mobile POS enhancements have been specifically designed to simplify your teams’ everyday tasks. Now, employees can:

  • Sell Zenoti gift cards directly from the mobile app  
  • Search for invoices using the booking source  
  • Validate retail stock in real-time  
  • Add additional services, retail, gift cards, memberships, or customized discounts with a single click  
  • Split commissions between multiple service providers
  • Take multiple modes of payment against an invoice  
  • Activate drop-downs for membership/package benefits with easy scroll, reduce the number of alerts and more!

Maximizing productivity and minimizing frustration delivers a consistent experience to customers, employees, and business managers across all locations.

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Streamline and simplify business operations with an agile setup that eliminates check-in/check-out lines, tedious front desk transactions, and user or interface errors.

Ultimately, the Zenoti Mobile POS helps you to navigate the post-COVID world by delivering an enhanced mobile experience that is faster, simpler, and more flexible. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Zenoti features to ensure consistency across all locations and employees, and put your team in the driver’s seat by enabling them to easily provide safe and smooth service that stands out.

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