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Hi, my name is Tricomi. Welcome to Warren Tricomi. I've been in the beauty and fashion business for more than 50 years. I started Warren Tricomi in 1989 just more than 30 years that we've had the salons. We have always been the leaders in fashion and beauty for hair, for, for many, many, many years since COVID and even before COVID. But I've always been technology driven.

Working with Zenoti has been a game changer for us in a lot of ways we were able to get a lot of the different programs and things that we needed to be able to run and analyze our business. One of the big things that really sort of thing, the deal, I would say, was the fact that we were able to track our marketing to real time in the salon. So if we put out ads on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to track how those clients walked into the salon.

We were able to track. And then make changes in the sense to steer the ship where we needed to steer if we saw that. So that was a really good thing about it and we were doing it in real time. They were able to book lines themselves and put them into the system, and the clients were able to book through an app or text message rather than having to call and get a receptionist on the phone, which is always crazy because they're busy helping clients as they're checking out.

So it made it seamless for everybody, especially with calls. It made it much easier. We were able to communicate with the staff much easier by text. We also had a loyalty program that we started, and we were able to track that and see how that was working for the clients and for my staff.

Terrific team. I mean, when we first thought it up, they came in, they worked with my reception desk, they worked with my team here, the managers, and they worked with my staff and being able to answer their questions and provide guidance as things go and grow, the Zenoti is learning from us and we're learning from them.

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