Amber Campbell

Vice President of Operations
Tricoci Salon & Spa
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Amber Campbell
Vice President of Operations

The Tricoci brand has been around the Chicago land area for 40 plus years. We currently have 13 full salon and spa locations, all deep rooted in this community. We strive to empower and inspire confidence in our guests and our team members with each and every experience.

Tricoci has always been at the forefront of technology in salons, and for us to continue to do that, it's important to have a partner that's willing to grow and adapt with us, and Zenoti is that partner for us.

Previously, we would have stacks of waivers and forms printed on clipboards for guests to fill out upon check in. So you can imagine the amount of paperwork that we would have to manually file and process and flip through and log.

Zenoti was able to really elevate that experience for our guests by providing a custom form solution that's in Zenoti, so they can complete that before they even get into the salon. They're able to just check in and relax for the day and enjoy their time in our salons.

Now that our team members are not spending time collecting data, processing forms, filing forms, they're able to spend more time with the guest in the treatment room where it really matters.

We were able to leverage Zenoti's analytics engine to be able to start building our own reports and analytics the way we need our business to run. All of these analytics will show how we're doing. And we can see a guest behavior.

What trends are guests gravitating to, whether it's certain products that they like to buy, certain products they like to buy with particular services, add-ons that guests get when they get services, do they get an extra add on.

Zenoti let us go to the next level with our analytics. Before partnering with Zenoti, we had look up stations positioned throughout our salon where our stylists and team members would be able to access. But they would have to wait in line.

They would have to hurry, get on the computer and then jump off to allow the next person to access our team. Members love having access to their business at all times of the day, so they are really able to take their business in their own hands and set up and prep their day before they even come into the salon.

When it comes to booking an appointment, when it comes to checking in for their visit, we need to elevate that experience. And Zenoti helps us do that by providing a software solution that really hones in on what the guest's needs. We want to be that trusted salon that our guests look to deliver exceptional results, which will then inspire confidence not only in our team members, but also in our guests.

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