Marlous Volkers

Marketing Manager
Soap treatment store
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Marlous Volkers
Marketing Manager

Casino offers automated processes we have more time to spend on our customers. I Marlous, I'm the Marketing Manager of Soap Treatment Store and we have different beauty stores throughout the Netherlands. We offer a range of beauty treatments like facials, manicures, pedicures, but also massages, brows and waxing treatments. We also have a Med spa. Its doctor said soap and we perform a lot of treatments like filler and Botox treatments.

We have 130 staff working at some treatment store and different people like beauty specialists, massage therapists, bookers front of us and a doctor said. So we have doctors and also assistants working. The whole implementation process with Zenoti was very smooth. Of course, it's a big organization. It's very hard for different stores and as many employees as we have. It's a whole change. The Zenoti team was really helpful, so every staff member was ready for the life of scenery.

The three new features we've added with the memberships, the gift cards, sales online and also the automated check in and check out. And it has been a great additional revenue stream. So Zenoti software is really giving us as a head us an advantage to see all different parts of our business as well as our franchisees. Access to all information that's necessary to nobody is really offering us a stable foundation to expend. So equipment store internationally as well.

Smart marketing and artificial intelligence is really allowing me to be one step ahead in this industry. We have the Zenoti mobile app for our customers, as well as for our employees. It gives our customers an easy way to book online, as well as through that easy access to the membership balances, their previous purchases and also their upcoming appointments. The smart marketing is allowing us to give each customer the relevant information they want and they need.

Because AI is cloud based, my customers can redeem their membership at any location, and the mobile app for our employees is the easy way to give them a good start of the day, see their schedule to see what's coming for our doctors as well. We also have a book or center where it's very easy to make bookings for multiple locations in Zenoti. It's very good for us to see the decreasing of the phone calls and the increasing of the online bookings. It has really been taking a load of our Booker staff.

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