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Kirsten White

My name is Kirsten, and I founded London grace back in 2015, so we did quite a lot of research into what software suited our business model. We're quite unique in that we are so focused on events and groups. Those are not really offered that in terms of the online booking. You know, the team after a week, we're very comfortable and we have the chat bot that was available 24 seven, so that was great.

The online booking system is now really super simple, either for yourself if you're booking or for a group. What I really love is that you can or clients can quite quickly toggle between stores and the availability. So if they were looking for a particular time slot, they were quite flexible on location. That's really easy for them to do and that maximizes our bookings as well.

So it's an autopsy, the data's all there, and we can see who's been to a particular store in a particular time frame and send them messages that are key to them, whether that's about a client's specific loyalty points or about their upcoming booking, that's been really helpful in terms of managing our time because it's just sent automatically. Now that we have a proper inventory system, it's definitely streamlined our monthly orders.

So it's just all done automatically. Now So then we can ship out what they might need for the next month ahead. The analytics are fabulous and it's a really easy tool for me to share with my managers, for example, how many promotions they've sold with their team before we were focusing on growing the brand in terms of locations.

We've sort of had to flip that now, and I think what we really want to do is cement the locations that we have and, you know, just ensure we have that client base and continue just to have fun.

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