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Mike Nass And Tracey Nass

We've been in business since 1998. We started out as a small salon and spa. Tracey was the hairstylist and I was actually running the front desk. We were looking for a solution that was a single solution that was going to provide all the things that we were doing, but doing it in one consolidated place. One of the features that we really utilize is the two-way texting with our guests and our team. It has allowed us to connect with people.

I mean, I would really say in this generation, you know, people aren't answering their phones anymore. They're not even listening to their voicemail messages, you know? And Zenoti is great that we can communicate with them easily, you know, about their appointments or maybe for our team when you know, when they're supposed to be starting their day. One of our team members are sick and we need to really kind of jump on what's going to happen next. And so I can log on.

I can quickly send out a text message to all their guests, easily get them rescheduled with that team member on another day, or actually maybe even schedule them with another team member on the same day. So this happens almost every single day. And so it really allows us to speed things up in time without really taking we're no one really even notices that someone is actually called in sick. It also has helped us to maximize our books. We have a cancellation or a no show.

We can usually text the next guest and ask them if they would prefer to come a little bit earlier. And a lot of times our guests are because we're so busy and they're just booking at the time that it's available. And, you know, we might have really tight schedules, so they actually really appreciate this. I'll just send them out a text message, let them know we had a cancellation if they'd like to move up or not. And a lot of times I'm able to really fill those gaps and really have keep our books really efficient.

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