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Kendra Thompson

So harmony skin and Wellness Clinic has been around for the last 24 years, we've always been women owned and operated, and our mission is to empower women through aesthetic. So I believe that what keeps clients coming back to harmony skin and Wellness Clinic is our dedication to exceptional service. So the reason we chose Zenoti was that we were using an old, outdated software and we just didn't think it was able to keep up with the modern times.

Our team has accessibility through their iPads as well as the clients have the option to do a mobile check in ahead of time. We also love the point of sale system. It just streamlines our entire practice. Our original booking software had some limitations, and I think that clients are really looking for online booking these days. We also just had some confusion around providers being able to access their schedules.

So with Zenoti, we're able to run our operation from anywhere and have our providers see their schedule as well as our clients book at any point in time. Before Zenoti, we were paper based, so you can imagine the type of charting that was involved, the storage that was required to keep all of that charting with the note. We're now able to do everything through digital forms. Our providers are able to fill out their treatment records on their iPads, which they love.

Clients are able to fill out forms through their iPads. They can even do it at home before they come and submit it via email. Previously, we would have to actually do some commissions by hand. The Zenoti's payroll system has really helped us streamline our process. We had so many different providers at so many different commission levels, and now we're actually able to adjust and set commissions appropriately for each individual.

Our future plans could include expanding our practice to a second location, which is one of the reasons that we chose Zenoti. Zenoti gives us the ability to track multiple locations, which is one of the advantages.

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