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Bombshell Brazilian Waxing & Beauty Lounge
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Melissa Black

Hi, my name is Melissa Black, I am the Co-Owner of Bombshell Salon, along with my husband, Scott Black. We have locations in Richmond, Virginia and Las Vegas, Nevada. So the great thing about our shops is that we appeal to a broad spectrum of clientele people that love our pinup vibe. We have kind of a punk rock, rock and roll vibe. And once they come in, they really do fall in love with the experience. They come in as clients and they leave as friends.

There are many reasons that we've opted to go with the Zenoti software. The impact that we've seen after partnering with Zenoti is the fact that it's just easier all around from booking, from checking clients out to even our employees being able to get online and seeing their schedule. There are many features such as the business to client connect, where we can directly text our clients to keep that constant communication, which has been extraordinarily helpful.

The great thing about texting with Zenoti is the fact that we can communicate with our clients on demand. There's no lag of leaving voice message or waiting for someone to pick up their phone, and it keeps us in complete communication with them, whether they need to let us know they're running late or if they need to reschedule. The business to client connect feature where we can directly text them from. The platform has been extraordinarily beneficial.

Zenoti is great for streamlining the process because the front desk knows exactly when they're checking in, which means the employees know when they're checking in as well. I believe that the employees have really enjoyed the switch to the Zenoti software from our previous platform. One of the main features that they're really enjoying is the Zenoti mobile so that they can look at their schedules.

They know when guests have checked in, they can see all of their notes and everything on the platform directly from their mobile phone. The communication between the front desk and the service provider has been extraordinary. I work directly with the team for about five or six weeks and they were there every step of the way. Our experience with Zenoti has been fabulous. Any time we had a question, they got back to us right away, but they made it very comfortable.

We got to see it through the entire way. Exactly what was going on and everything matched perfectly. What we see for the future with Zenoti is the scalable platform. This thing is perfect for multi-location, so if we want to implement a new center, it's very easy for us to do that. So the future of bombshell looks bright, and partnering with Zenoti is going to help us to grow faster and increase our bottom line here at bombshell.

We're always interested in growth, and we can see right off the bat that Zenoti is helping us grow our clients and our return visits from clients, and we see increased online bookings. And I think partnering with Zenoti is going to make it easier.

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