Sylvester Bailey

Owner/CEO, All Dolled Up Salon
All Dolled Up
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Sylvester Bailey
Owner/CEO, All Dolled Up Salon

I'm Sylvester Bailey. I'm the CEO of all of the All Dolled Up Salons and Stores. We've been a leader in the multi culture salon space for about 37 years in that area.

When you come to have a All dolled up experience, you're going to first feel like family. The guest experience is the most important experience.

So we constantly are looking at ways to give back to the guests and create value for our guests. And just investing in anything that enhances their experience is our strategy.

Mostly today, everything is technology, so you have to be on point when it comes to technology. And the mobile app, I think is the best thing that we have working for the company.

It helps a lot of clients to be able to put their appointments where they weren't before. They didn't have the opportunity to do it. Now that they get to know, oh, I can book my appointment and it can be at 12:00 at night, and then they see there's availability at 11:00 in the morning for a service, knowing that they can do that instead of waiting for somebody to be in the office.

I really am thankful for having a system like the Zenoti from the client being able to come in, check in, seamlessly, sit-in the chair, get their service started, be able to pay for their ticket, tip their ticket and rebook their appointment. Takes away so many man hours that I would have had to put in prior to having that. They're amazed their Wow like Wow.

A salon has an app, so it really makes this on an innovative level. As an overall salon and services we offer, we've been consciously looking for something that's going to separate us from our multicultural competition, and we found that our membership model, which is our texture club experience, is something that is very special.

It gives customers an opportunity to get experience as reproducible, affordable luxury, and we can deploy it seamlessly with technology, and we're constantly adding and removing features to it to make it better. And with Zenoti that's one of the features that we love is that it's not just one size fits all.

You know, the University has a lot of tools and resources to help our company be more successful. I believe that it's always good that you get more training as we have stylists every six months, the industry changes. So basically just like technology, it's the same way. The goal is if we can help a lot of other people to become great, we all can agree.

Being able to monitor the scheduling from my actual station with my phone allows me to multitask where I can work on my client. If a client comes in and maybe my front desk receptionist is not available, I can actually take a look and see things. Add them more from ticket from my phone while I'm still working and engaging with my client that may be in my chair.

This allows them to be able to schedule themselves accordingly to what they currently have live on their appointment book. They also receive notifications when clients have gotten to the salon so they to come out now it's seamless. They, the client walks up to the door, it automatically checks them in. The stylus is aware of it.

They come to the front, they're able to greet the client as they're coming into the salon. So when you give the client that great experience and then be able to show them how to book their appointment and cash out from the chair, knowing that we are on the low wave of what nobody is teaching is just going to elevate us to become great as the node.

It makes my life easier because again, it gives us the technology that we need to build and grow and sustain growth. And it also gives us the technology to communicate at a level we would have never been able to communicate before. I just can't go back. Once you've had this experience, you can't go back because now you've changed what your standard of the work environment is like.

It would make it very stressful if we were to divert back to our previous system. It would affect the stylist, it would affect the client's experience. When they come in. I don't think we would be able to ever operate the same error.

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